Do I have 24 hours to cancel a flight Turkish Airlines

Do I have 24 hours to cancel a flight Turkish Airlines

To cancel your flight without paying any cancellation charges, you have the first 24 hours after booking with Turkish Airlines. You can cancel your flight after 24 hours of booking and must pay the penalty. While traveling with Turkish airlines, you can cancel your flight when more than 12 hours are left before the flight departure. So if you have any worries about canceling your flight and you think: Do I have 24 hours to cancel a flight Turkish Airlines, then you should remember that you have this much time to cancel your flight without a cancellation fee.

What is Turkish Airlines' flight cancellation policy

The postulates of Turkish Airlines flight cancellation policy are in the following section:

  • Passengers can cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking without any charges.
  • After the grace period of 24 hours, passengers are charged with cancellation charges. The cancellation charges will depend on your route, distance, and cabin you have reserved.
  • No-show passengers are considered cancelled reservations, and the airline fare is a cancellation fee.
  • You can cancel your flight with up to 12 hours left for your trip.
  • Turkish airlines provide accommodation, food, and drinks to the passengers if required in case of cancellation under the Airline's control.

How to cancel your Turkish Airlines flight

Different ways to cancel your Turkish flight are listed below:

Via online mode:

You can use the online mode to cancel your flight in the following steps:

  • Navigate through the website of Turkish airlines,
  • Go to the Manage booking option.
  • Log in with your PNR number and last name to access your flight details.
  • Click on the Cancel button present at the bottom to cancel your flight.
  • Confirm your cancellation process and follow the prompts that get in your way.
  • You will get the cancellation confirmation email.

Via offline mode:

You can get the assistance of the Turkish Airline's customer agency to cancel your flight in the following steps:

  • Go to the website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Click on the Get in touch option.
  • Call on the phone number 080005 01565 or1-802-341-3409.
  • Hear the IVR instructions and follow them.
  • A representative will come in touch with you. Tell them to cancel your flight.
  • Provide them with your flight details, and they will cancel your flight.


You can cancel your flight free of additional charges within 24 hours of reservation. You can visit the website or talk to the customer agent at Turkish Airlines phone number to cancel your flight. The Turkish Airlines cancellation policy will let the passengers cancel their flight when there is a sudden change of events.

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