Do I have to select a seat on Oman Air?

Oman Air Seat Selection Policy

For passengers who have a preference for a particular kind of seat, be it in the front, middle, window seat, or the seats with extra legroom, selecting and paying for that particular seat at Oman Air is important. Selecting a seat on your flight does not require much effort and has a very simple procedure. Now, refer to the Oman Air seat selection policy and the different methods mentioned in this article. You will be aware of the important terms for getting a seat of your choice on the flight.

How can I select my seat in Oman Air?

The policies that are befitting for selecting a seat on the Oman Air flight are outlined here:

  • The seats could be selected on the reserved flight 1 hour prior to the scheduled boarding time. 
  • After the check-in process, no seat selection or change would be allowed at Oman Air. 
  • There are separate charges at Oman Air to choose a particular seat on the flight. And if someone cancels the booking later, the seat selection charge will not be refunded. 
  • The seat that is already assigned to a particular passenger at Oman Air cannot be transferred to another flight ticket holder. 
  • The emergency row seats will only be assigned to passengers who are above 16 years old and have different eligibility criteria. 
  • The seat can be booked anytime from the ticket purchase to complete the check-in for the flight. 

Oman Air Seat Selection Methods

There are differing methods for individuals who would like to opt for Oman Air seat selection. Both of the methods have been briefed in this context:

Select a seat at the time of booking

A number of passengers decide in advance that they would prefer a seat of their choice on the flight they travel at Oman Air. For a similar reason, you receive the seat selection option at the time of booking. Here is the process that you need to perform:

  • First, reach the homepage of Oman Air,
  • In the "Book Flight" window, you must put the flight ticket requirements,
  • On the result page, pick out the best-suited ticket to make the reservation,
  • As you proceed with the booking step, you have to first add the passenger info,
  • Now, on the forwarded page, you can select the "Advance Seat Selection" option,
  • Pick the seat you like in the flight's seat map that appeared on your page,
  • Proceed with completing the total payment,
  • Then, the reservation for the Oman Air flight with the desirable seat will be completed, and the details will be received in the email.

Seat Selection after booking

Passengers also have the Oman Air seat selection option after completing the flight reservation. And for the same, you must pursue these steps:

  • Reach the homepage of Oman Air first,
  • Next, look for the Manage Booking tab,
  • In the same, add booking reference and last name,
  • As the booking details appear, you can find the "Seat Selection" tab,
  • Now, choose the seat based on your suitability and proceed to the payment section,
  • Afterward, the selected seat on your Oman Air flight will be assigned to you. 

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