Do I need a Corona test to fly to Turkish Airlines

Do I Need a Corona Test to Fly to Turkish Airlines

You are aware that there are a lot of COVID cases due to changes made in Turkish Airlines COVID policy, and you must be mindful of them. Because violating any of the rules may result in the cancellation of your flight. Now you must be wondering: Do I need a Corona test to fly to Turkish Airlines? Then you are advised to look at the discussion below that will assist you:

What are the requirements

To fly with Turkish Airlines, as per the latest website report, it is not necessary to get your COVID tests done and submit your report to the authority when asked. But, for the safety of other travelers and yours, you are suggested to get your test done, and rest of the information is mentioned below:

  • You have to get your RT-PCR test done at least 72 hours before the departure, and you may have to submit the report to the airlines while checking in.
  • As per the guidelines, anyone who is flying to Turkey over the age of 6 years requires the COVID test reports.
  • As per Turkish airlines covid test requirements, you are not required to submit vaccination or COVID test reports, but for safety purposes, you are highly recommended to get your test done.
  • You may carry sanitizer, a face mask, and other essential items.

Can you get your covid test done at the airport

In case you realize you should get a COVID test in order to avoid any trouble, there is also a facility available at the airport for the passengers, so they do not experience any trouble with respect to the same. You can reach out to the Help desk at the airport, where you can inquire about the same.

This information will surely help you out in all the possible ways to understand what is required for the COVID test, whether the test is necessary, and many other queries. In case you still have any questions, you are advised to reach out to the airline on their official phone number, 1 (800) 874-8875 or 1-802-341-3409


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