Do I need a PCR to fly on Turkish Airlines

Do I Need a PCR to Fly on Turkish Airlines

Covid is a contagious virus that spreads quickly. So, it becomes necessary for the airlines to make guidelines for the safety of the passengers and stop entering infected patients into other countries to avoid the risk as a precaution. Turkish Airlines made the admission rules for the safety of passengers. Moreover, flyers have to follow the guidelines formulated by the government of the nation they are heading. However, the guidelines have been relaxed to the extent as the situation is better in most countries. Do I need a PCR to fly on Turkish Airlines?.

PCR test terms and conditions

You have planned a holiday or vacation plan and decided to make a reservation. Suppose you want to know the requirement of the current vaccination and PCR test of the visiting destination via Turkish airlines. In that case, you can easily find the instructions by following these steps:

  • Visit the link,,or%20quarantine%20is%20not%20required.
  • Scroll down to the travel map.
  • Click on your aiming destination.
  • Or enter your location, to and from your destination, and passport information.
  • Now, you can easily find information related to Travel restrictions, Covid 19 Testing, and additional information.

For the convenience of the passengers, check the travel restrictions quickly via Travel Map specially designed for travel rules of countries. Besides this includes connections or transfers. You can get the idea of travel, testing, entry, or quarantine upon arrival.

Do infants need PCR tests

As per Turkish Airlines Covid policies, flyers below 6 years of age don’t require submitting a Covid test. Additionally, transit flyers don’t need to submit the test in Turkey. But they need to adhere to the flight restrictions imposed by the destination country related to PCR test requirements, age limits, and duration. Visit the website for more details.

When flyers are asked to present a digital or original copy of a negative PCR test result, they don’t submit it. Then, they would not be granted permission to board the flight. 

In case travelers have any confusion or require more information before broadening the flight, they can contact customer support. Dial the Turkish airlines phone number 1 (802)-341-3409 and choose the suitable IVR instructions to talk to experienced customer support. Moreover, you can follow the airline on Twitter and Facebook to get updated news and the latest information that concerns your flight. 


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