Do I need PCR test to travel with Austrian Airlines

Do I need PCR test to travel with Austrian Airlines

We all have seen the time that Covid has brought into our lives. Since the time of Covid, there have been many restrictions over everything, whether at restaurants, home, or traveling. Airlines also issue guidelines for the same, and if you are wondering Do I need PCR test to travel with Austrian Airlines, then the answer is definitely yes, but the Airline has these conditions only for International flights, and that too depends on the rules of the Country you are visiting. If the Country follows the Covid rules and regulations, the passengers have to follow them.

Austrian Airlines guideline for Covid:

There are several guidelines that passengers traveling overseas have to follow. They can contact the Airline at austrian airlines phone number and dial 1 (800) 843-0002 or 1-802-341-3409 for any questions. They might be denied an entry or boarding of the flight if they are found doing the opposite:

  • All passengers need to wear a mask. It is mandatory.
  • You should have a health clearance form from the doctor included in your other documents.
  • You must bring the vaccination certificates if you have been vaccinated.
  • The PCR test is mandatory for some airports, so it will be convenient if you get yourself tested.
  • If you have a slight cough and cold you will be denied entry.

Rules to be followed during the journey:

If you have tested negative for Covid and have all the mandatory things related to it ready, then further you must know the rules that you must follow at the time of your journey with Austrian airlines:

  • Wearing a mask appropriately is mandatory. Make sure that it covers your nose and mouth completely.
  • Follow the public orders and health advice issued by the Government.
  • Maintain a proper distance from other co-passengers and ensure your and others' safety.
  • If you get any symptoms related to covid, such as cough, cold, and fever, you must inform the Airline's officials.
  • If you have not been vaccinated, then the vaccination facilities are available at the Airport, and you can get vaccinated there.
  • Ensure you read all the Covid guidelines, rules, and regulations issued by the Country you are visiting so that you do not have any problems once you arrive there.

All the information related to Austrian Airline's covid advisory is given. Follow them to have a stress-free flight. For more queries, visit the official website of the Airline.


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