Do you need a negative Covid to fly United Airlines

Do you Need a Negative Covid to Fly United Airlines

A pandemic that has shaken the world is covid. In this epidemic period, many things were affected, and one of that is airlines. An airline has changed its provisions to ensure the safety of travelers. Consequently, a negative test result for Covid becomes a part of the travel document, and without that, you may not get to travel. Similarly, while traveling with United Airlines, a negative test report could be required, but it depends on the destination you are visiting. Further, if you are getting doubts as Do you need a negative Covid to fly United Airlines, then pursue on reading the subheading.

Acknowledge characters required in the negative Covid on United Airlines

Only carrying the negative result of Coivid is not enough because a few more items are present in the document, and without that, it could have no value. And the names are as follows:-

  • There should be a name of an entity that has conducted tests, such as a Laboratory, healthcare, or telehealth service.
  • The test result should also contain the name of the passenger.
  • It must have a date on which a test has been conducted and the type of test.
  • And the result of the test is negative.

Ways to add covid tests on the United Airlines

There are distinct manners in which you can add covid test number on covid in the itinerary to ensure traveling, and the modes have been described at the bottom.

Through online

You can pursue the procedure on your own with the online modes efficiently. And if you want a guide to using this, then follow up with the steps mentioned at the bottom.

  • Head to the official website of United Airlines with the preferred search engine.
  • Later on, my trip options from the homepage.
  • And then, you get to enter your confirmation number with the last name.
  • On the next tab, click on the add travel icon.
  • Further, upload a test report and click on the continue options.

Through airport

If you cannot upload the document online, get to the airline counter available at the airport and request that. There you may need to share reservation details and show a negative resort.

Moreover, by getting on here, you can grab the information about the covid requirement with the modes to add in booking on United Airlines. If you have any further doubts, then use the united airlines phone number  which is 1-802-341-3409 and avail of the resolution on the spot.

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