Does Air Canada give free baggage to students?

How to get free baggage on Air Canada?

Air Canada enables you to earn the bonus, miles, and points when you book your flight ticket to your required destinations. It offers relevant help to make your flight journey comfortable and avails excellent facilities to manage your booking at your required time suitably. If you are a student and want to make your flight journey secure every time, you can expect to find the Air Canada student discount and get more benefits that you want from an official booking portal and make your flight journey comfortable every time securely. It is important to check with the best deal and offers that you get with each service you achieve at the time of booking.

How does it work for the student baggage service?

You might be eligible for the baggage service you get when booking and carrying your favorite items in the Economy and business class you choose to book quickly. You must feel proud while traveling with Air Canada and ensure you get an enormous benefit when you select the baggage service and carry your checked baggage in your favorite class; you choose to travel at the relevant cost. So, if you are a student and want to make your flight journey convenient and excellent, you will find pertinent details to secure checked baggage allowance service according to the size, weight, and dimension you choose to carry on your baggage securely.

  • When students travel in economy class, they can carry a total weight of 40 to 46 Kg.
  • They can divide into two bags of 23 Kg each to avail of the baggage service during a journey.
  • Being a student, you must fly to your college and get the extra baggage error-free suitably.
  • Carry a valid student ID that will be required to check in for the verification on time.
  • You can plan your travel and leave all the excess baggage you can carry to complete the flight journey.

Does Air Canada give free baggage to students?

Yes, Air Canada provides free baggage to students planning to go to college and get extraordinary benefits securely. It also offers delicious meals, in-flight entertainment, and other essential services in Economy and business class. Get some valuable points for the baggage service for students planning their journey with Air Canada.

  • When you travel in the Economy and business class, you can carry two baggage free and add your item.
  • All bonafide students aged 17 to 37 years must have a visa, which can add some extra baggage at no cost.
  • Air Canada provides you the best comfort travel class with Flex fares for the first free baggage and some extra baggage with limited size.
  • Eligible students must quickly have the checked baggage allowance outlined in the Economy and business class.
  • In the Economy class, you choose a standard seat to travel and carry only one peace baggage with 23kg, Maximum linear dimensions 158cm/pc.
  • You can also select the Economy comfort class and carry at least 2 to 3 pieces of baggage with the same size, weight, and dimension, making your flight journey comfortable.

If you want more suggestions and help for the student baggage service  and Air Canada student discount, contact a customer representative team to get them answered on time securely.

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