Does Condor Airlines have free checked bags?

Condor Airlines Baggage Allowances and Fees?

Condor Airlines is the flag carrier of Germany; if you want to book a flight with the airline and have questions like does Condor Airlines have free checked bags, then the answer is yes, the airline does have free checked bags, but it depends on the class of your ticket. You must also pay extra charges if you want to carry additional baggage. Below is the list of the free checked baggage allowed to the passengers depending on their class:

  • Economy light - No checked baggage is allowed to the passengers. They only get one carry-on bag and one handbag for free.
  • Economy Classic - The baggage allowed to Economy class passengers is around 20 kg.
  • Premium Economy Class - Premium Economy Class passengers are allowed one free checked baggage of around 25 kg; for some locations, it is 32 kg.
  • Business Class - Its passengers get one free baggage of around 30 kg or two free baggage of around 32 kg, depending on the location.

The baggage policy of Condor Airlines?

  • The dimension of your checked baggage must not exceed 158cm.
  • If your baggage weight limit exceeds, then you have to pay charges of around $45 to $110, depending on the weight.
  • The passenger can change their baggage 8 hours before the departure.
  • If the passenger has checked in for their flight and wants to add additional baggage, they must cancel it and redo the check-in with the additional bag.

What are the charges for an additional checked bag?

If the passenger baggage weight limit exceeds, then they have to pay charges of around $15 per kg. However, the passenger cannot carry baggage weighing more than 32 kg. You must also remember that the excess baggage weight charges have to be paid at the airport only.

If you have read the information, you must have understood all the details on free checked bags. You can dial Condor Airlines phone number and talk to the customer service representative for more information.


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