Does Condor Allow Checked Bags?

Does Condor Airlines Allow Carry On?

Suppose you have a flight booking with Condor Airlines, and you need information related to baggage. You must know how much baggage the airlines allow and what you can carry on the flight. If you have a question like does Condor Airlines allow carry on? Then the answer is yes. But there are some conditions for taking carry-on baggage.

Policies of Carry-On Baggage at Condor Airlines?

If you want to carry baggage on the Condor Airlines flight, then here are the policies are given which you you should consider:

  • Only one bag is allowed as a carry on by Condor Airlines.
  • Personal items, handbags, laptops, and other small bags are considered carry-on baggage.
  • The carry-on baggage will be kept in the overhead bin or under the front seat, so you should carry the baggage accordingly, which can be kept there easily.
  • The baggage measurements and weightage depend upon the destination you are flying to and the fare type of your flight.
  • If your carry on baggage exceeds the measurements or weightage, you will be required to pay the excess charges.
  • If you need to carry heavy luggage or have two carry-on baggage, then it will be transferred to check-in baggage at the airport.
  • If you carry liquids on carry-on baggage, then they should be kept in proper containers and packed in a plastic bag. The maximum capacity of the liquids is 100 ml per passenger.
  • Pointed and sharp objects are strictly prohibited on carry-on baggage allowance.
  • All the items taken on the plane needed to be packed in a proper bag, and that will be considered on the carry-on baggage.

Hence, when you pack your bags to travel with Condor Airlines, make sure to go through their carry-on baggage policies thoroughly and learn about what you can carry on the plane for your suitability. You can also use Condor Airlines phone number 1866-960-7915 or 1-802-341-3409 to take additional information directly from the expert. 

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