Does Frontier Airlines actually Check Bag Size

Does Frontier Airlines actually Check Bag Size

Yes, Frontier Airlines has an actual checked bag size. When you have purchased the flight ticket from the airline and are traveling with the stuff, you can take that within the permissible limit. You can acknowledge the details about those going through the policy laid by the airlines.

Acknowledge the baggage policy of Frontier Airlines

When you travel with the bags on Frontier Airlines, you may get to comply with the provision stated by the airline for the bags. So you can acknowledge the details about those from the bottom.

Carry on bags

When you are traveling with the stuff to take in the flight, check out its rules for carry-on bags shown at the bottom.

  • You can take one carry-on bag with the personal item in the cabin.
  • And the dimension of the personal item could be 14"H X 18"W X 8, and carry-on bags could be 24"H X 16"W X 10, including the wheels with handles.
  • The weight of carry-on bags could to be 15kgs.

Checked bags

When traveling with bags more than to carry on the cabin, it could be marked as checked bags. And the provision related to this is shown underneath.

  • The size of checked bags could not exceed 62 linear inches, including the bag's handles and wheels.
  • You can carry up to three bags, and the weight should not exceed 22 kg.
  • When you get to take more than the permitted weight, then you get to pay the cost for it.

Oversize and overweight

When your luggage requirement exceeds more than the permissible limit, then the information stated could be sufficient enough.

  • When the size of your bag is between 63 to 110, then you may get to pay $75 to carry that on the flight.
  • When your bag size is more than 111, then it cannot be accepted by the airlines.
  • You can take bags of a maximum weight of 45 kg, and the charges for that could be between $50 to $100.
  • The cost of oversize and oversize is nonrefundable.

Sports equipment

When you are traveling with sports equipment, then you can take that on the flight too. And the details about those are as follows:-

  • If you are traveling with equipment within the size of carry-on bags, then you can take it in the cabin but could get to pay.
  • When you are traveling with the antlers or bicycle, then you could get to pay around $100, and it could be nonrefundable on the cancelation.

Although, you can get the information about the query, like Does Frontier Airlines actually check bag size with the baggage policy? If you have any sort of issues, then reach out to the airline customer service for resolution.

How to claim bags on Frontier Airlines

When you have lost your bags on traveling with Frontier Airlines, then you can submit a claim for that. The conventional way is to make a call to the airline and Frontier Airlines Phone Number 1 (801) 401-9000 or 1-802-341-3409. After that, you get to choose a preferred language and then an option from the IVR menu to submit your request for claim.


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