Does Frontier Airlines allow 2 checked bags

Does Frontier Airlines Allow 2 Checked Bags

Frontier Airlines gives every single facility to its customers. If you have booked your flight with Frontier and are looking for it, Does Frontier Airlines allow two checked bags? So, no, they allowed only one checked Baggage for the economy flight to their customer, but if you want to add extra, you can add it just by following a simple procedure. If you booked your checked Baggage online, you need to pay $60, and if you are booking offline, like at the Airport, you need to pay $90. It also depends on the flight type; you have booked a business-class flight, so you can take two bags with you.

What is Frontier Airlines checked baggage policy

You can also re-read the baggage policy, or if you haven't read any baggage policy, then just look at the guidance of baggage policy.

Carry on the baggage policy of frontier Airlines.

Regarding checked Baggage, frontier Airlines take care of its passengers in every aspect. Passengers who are traveling with Frontier Airlines can take it with them. But they should not cross the limit of the permission. If the size of your bag crosses the limit, then your cabin will count as checked Baggage. 

The permitted size and allowance for carrying on Baggage 

  • Economy Class Passengers are allowed to carry one bag of 61 cm x 41 cm x 25 cm/ 
  • The weight of the carry-on Baggage could not exceed 8 kg for both economy and business class.

Checked baggage policy

According to the Frontier Airline checked baggage policy, you are allowed to check one Baggage for free, but the size of the allowed Baggage should not be crossed the permitted size limit. So for economy class passengers, the weight permission is 23kgs, and the bag size should be 62 inches or 157 centimeters. For the premium class flyers, the weight should be 32 kg, and size should be the same as the economy class passengers. So, if you do not want to choose any further headache, use the baggage calculator that you will find on the website of Frontier.

Excess Baggage

If your baggage size and weight exceed the limit or you want to add extra Baggage, then you can simply add that while booking, at the Airport, or by phone. You need to pay extra charges that vary on the weight and size. For any other queries, you can call frontier airlines' phone number.





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