Does Gulf Air require PCR test

Does Gulf Air Require PCR Test

Yes, you require a PCR test for traveling with Gulf Air. You must provide your PCR test report to the airline before boarding. Also, the airline recommends that its passengers get vaccinated to protect themselves from getting infected. The airline makes sure that the safety of its staff and passengers is not compromised. There are certain policies regarding covid-19 that you must be aware of before boarding a Gulf Air flight. Go through the below-mentioned policies.

  • It is necessary for all passengers to wear a face mask at the airport and on the plane for the safety of themselves as well as others.
  • Every passenger must cooperate with the security personnel during temperature checks and safety measures.
  • Every passenger should make sure that they have an extra mask with them in case they lose their first one.
  • Along with facemasks, passengers are also required to carry their hygiene kits.
  • Passengers shall also carry with them a small hand sanitizer bottle and a pair of gloves. Make sure you keep sanitizing your hands at regular intervals.
  • The airline will not be providing newspapers and magazines to passengers to ensure the safety of the staff as well as passengers.
  • Children below the age of 2 are not required to wear facemasks. However, the parents shall take utmost care of their children’s safety and hygiene.
  • Passengers who cannot wear face masks for a longer duration of time due to an existing medical condition are required to get clearance from the airline to travel by submitting the “Carriage of Medical Passengers” form, and the ground staff will verify the medical certificates during check-in.
  • Passengers with existing medical conditions are still required to wear face masks at specific time periods to ensure more safety for themselves. They must wear face masks when they enter the airport terminal buildings when they are passing through common areas, during the check-in process, and while boarding and disembarking the plane.
  • Medical passengers can take off their face covering at short intervals to refresh.
  • They can also remove their face covering when they are seated. However, they must wear their face mask when they get off their seat to use the lavatory.
  • The airline disinfects and sanitizes the aircraft after every flight for the safety of its staff members and passengers.

If you have any queries related to the covid policy, you can also call Gulf Air Phone Number, 1 (888) 359-4853 or 1-802-341-3409, and get assistance. Hope you find the information helpful and get to know about Gulf air covid policies and restrictions by reading the above article

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