Does Oman Air require PCR test

Does Oman Air require PCR test

Yes, you have to show PCR test report to oman air if you have purchased a ticket with them, and if you show negative on that PCR test, you are avoiding traveling hassle-free with air oman. There are some other rules that you have to know if you are traveling with them after knowing Does Oman Air require a PCR test there are some rules you must know.

What are the rules for traveling?

Since the pandemic arrived, everything has changed, and it has added some processes extra that are mandatory that involve some checks and proof of covid free travel as well as for vaccination; some of them are.

  • If you want to travel with them, you have to show a vaccination certificate if you do not have a PCR test report.
  • Passengers with recovery certificates stating they recovered in the past three months can travel without any test report.
  • Your information must match the certificate you are showing as proof to the officials.

Explain the process to reach the support team for any other issues related to the coronavirus.

If you are still facing any issues related to your travel, then you can surely try reaching out to the support team of oman air at the oman air phone number, which is 1-802-341-3409 ask them about any issue to get a resolution fast.

What is the email of support?

You can also write the issues you are facing on their email at, and you are surely getting a revert from the support team that can resolve your issues that you had written ot them.

So as a traveler, you must know that you have to show your pct test; if that is negative, then you are allowed. There are some other rules you must follow, and if there are still any issues, then try to clear those issues after using any of the ways to tell your issues to them



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