Does Southwest Have Student Discount?

Southwest Airlines Student Discount?

If you are planning to book Southwest airline flight ticket and are wondering, “Does Southwest have a student discount” then the answer is no, Southwest does not offer a student discount. However, the airline’s affordable ticket price, offers, free checked baggage policy, fee-free changes, and other special services makes it relatively easy for students to travel. While setting their ticket prices the airline keeps in mind all the types of passengers. However, if you want to book a Southwest airline flight ticket at a low price, you can follow the below-mentioned tips.

  1. Purchase Basic Economy Tickets: Students can book basic economy seats on Southwest Airlines to save money. It is true that basic economy flights have certain restrictions and do not give extra services and facilities to the passengers. The money which you will save by booking the basic economy flight ticket can be used to add additional services to your itinerary.
  2. Book ticket in Group: Try to book flight tickets in a group. In this way, you will get a companion or group discount. The airline gives heavy discounts to those who book tickets in groups because the airline ticket gets purchased in groups, and in this way, they receive benefits.
  3. Make Advance Booking: Book your flight ticket in advance if you have a planned journey. Students know when their semester will end, so they should book their flight tickets in advance. Tickets booked in advance are less in price as compared to tickets that are booked a few days before the flight’s departure. However, before booking your flight , do compare it to price tickets.
  4. Choose the Best Time to Book: Southwest Flight tickets will be costlier if you book them in the afternoon, as most people book their flight tickets at noon. Early morning and late at night are the best times to book Southwest Airlines flights. Wait to book your flight on Monday because the airline launches a special fare on Tuesday. Book your flight ticket after Tuesday. 
  5. Round-way trips should be booked: If you have a fixed date to return, you should book a round-way trip because round-way tickets are less expensive than one-way flight tickets. The airline gives discounts on tickets that are reserved for round-way journeys.
  6. Prefer weekdays:  Tickets booked for flights that will depart on weekdays are less expensive than flights that will depart during the weekend because this is when many people prefer to fly during weekends, thus increasing the price of tickets. If you sacrifice your long weekends and festivals, it can benefit you. Not only this, you can also get your preferred seat on weekdays.
  7. Use Coupons and Vouchers: Students can also apply coupons and vouchers to get a discount on their flight tickets. If you do not have any coupon or voucher, you can ask any of your friends or relatives having any coupon or voucher to book your flight ticket.
  8. Go for the Cheapest Payment Method:  If you want to book a cheap flight ticket, use a website that offers special discounts on payment methods, including exclusive discounts on any specific bank’s credit/debit cards.

If you still need clarification on the southwest airlines student discount, contact the airline customer care executive at 1-802-341-3409.

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