Does Transavia charge for luggage

Transavia Airlines Baggage Policy & Fees?

Yes Transavia is taking a cost even if you are not exceeding limit that is set, this airlines are very strict when it comes to luggage policy and carrying luggage with you, that is carry on there are limits on the weight of checkin which you must know if those limits are violated, you have to pay a fee for that too, which means that there is a cost for baggage those are following limits along with the cost for excess luggage, which officials are going to check when you arrive at the counter of checkin.

What is the policy of luggage?

For carry-on luggage, you are allowed to take 10 kg, which must not exceed the size 55cmx40cmx20cm and if you have max fare, you can take another luggage with you, which must not exceed 10 kg and also a size limit of 45cmx40cmx24cm.

For luggage that you have to check, they must not exceed five bags also, they must not exceed a weight of 32 kg and the limit is 50 kg for five bags total.

How to clear your issues regarding luggage

Reach out to the support team of Transavia and clear the issues you are facing regarding the luggage of Transavia. They can resolve your problems. Try to reach out to them at +35 22 70 02 728 or 1-802-341-3409, which is Transavia Airline's Phone Number where all your issues are going to get answered. You have to ask them cost they are going to take for your checked luggage.

This explains to you some policy of luggage for carry-on and checked luggage and that answered does Transavia charge for luggage, which they take for checked luggage, and if you cross that limit they are going to charge you even more for that, you can hold your luggage that can prove economical for you , when compared to space pruhcased at the counter of transavia luggage claim.


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