Does Vietnam Airlines serve alcohol

Does Vietnam Airlines Serve Alcohol

Yes, Vietnam Airlines does serve alcohol on its flights and if you have been wondering, “Does Vietnam Airlines serve alcohol”, you may find the answer here if you read further along. The availability and type of alcohol served may vary depending on the destination, duration, and class of service of the flight. Additionally, in some cases, alcohol may not be served at all due to safety concerns or regulations. If you have specific questions or requirements regarding the availability of alcohol on your Vietnam Airlines flight, it's best to contact the airline directly or consult their website for more information.

Vietnam Airlines serves signature cocktails on select flights. The cocktails are served on flights to Japan, Korea, Australia, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Business class passengers can choose from a variety of wines and spirits. The airline keeps updating its drink selection to feature more options from top brands for the customer's enjoyment.

Other services and amenities provided by Vietnam Airlines

Non-alcoholic beverages:

Passengers can get fresh fruit juice, pasteurized milk, carbonated water, mineral water, and more—to satisfy the different needs and tastes of our customers on flights to certain destinations.

Inflight service plan:

Vietnam Airlines serves various inflight meals during the flight. You will get the standard meal if you travel with the airline.

Inflight entertainment:

Being able to enjoy your time during the flight is extremely important for the passengers to have a memorable experience.

Customers can enjoy various entertainment options like movies, serial dramas, engaging audiobooks, music collections, and fascinating games.

You can also access digital newspapers and Magazines from 7000 different options, available in 60 languages.

Special services:

You can get special meals at Vietnam Airlines, depending on your dietary choices. The meals that the airline serves are Vegetarian Hindu meals, Vegetarian Jain meals, Vegetarian and vegan meals, etc.

You can preorder the special meals by calling the customer service number, through ticketing offices at the airport, or by using the official website. 

Kosher meals can be ordered 72 hours before departure, and it is available only on select routes.

Personal amenities:

Passengers can get essential items like pillows, blankets, and premium toiletry items. For passengers in the Economy cabin, eye masks and "Do not disturb" or "Wake me up for meal" stickers can be availed during the flight by requesting a cabin crew.

How can you preorder a special meal service

You can preorder a special meal by using the official website. You may follow the steps below.

  • You have to go to the page - and click "Other Services"
  • Then click "Preorder special services online" and select "Special Meals."
  • You must enter your ticket number and last name to search for the booking.
  • Once the booking is on screen, you have to select a passenger and enter their meal preference and click "send."
  • You will be served the meal that you requested during the flight.

Alternatively, you can call the vietnam airlines phone number to order a Special Meal. You have to inform the customer service agent about the meal preference after you give the booking details like the booking reference and the passenger's last name.



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