Does Virgin Australia charge for seat selection?

Virgin Australia Seat Selection Policy

Travelers often wonder whether there is a Virgin Australia seat selection fee. Because awareness helps you prepare the budget appropriately, and you can effectively implement your planning. Hence, in the following discussion, you will explore each and every information related to seat selection, its fees, policy, norms, and other things.

Is there any seat selection fee on Virgin Australia?

Not in every situation is an imposition of a virgin Australia seat selection fee. For example, if you prefer your seat within 24 hours of a booking, no additional fare is imposed. While other rules are mentioned in its seat selection policy.

Understand the Virgin Australia Seat selection policy

To know the seat selection rules, you are advised to take a look at the information which is provided below, and you can jot down whatever seems necessary to you; please have a look:

  • Virgin Australia does not offer a guaranteed seat as these may change in the future for any particular security purposes. 
  • Not every passenger is eligible to prefer a seat available near the emergency exit. 
  • If you are traveling in Economy X, the option to choose a seat is free. 
  • You must be 15 or older to be eligible to reserve a seat on Emergency Row exit. 
  • The airline does not charge any additional fare if someone prefers a seat within 24 hours of the booking, while at other times, some charges are imposed. 
  • For any other clarification on the Seat selection policy, you can dial a phone number to know all the details.

Learn the methods to choose seats on Virgin Australia

You can also consider different techniques to make Virgin Australia Seat selection and to learn about them, and you can follow the procedures given below;

  • Book a seat via the official website. 
  • The primary method to prefer a seat on Virgin Australia is through the official website, and the further steps for the same are discussed below;
  • Once you are on the website, click on the Manage My Booking. 
  • Enter all the ticket details, such as PNR Number, name, last name, etc., and click “continue.” 
  • Choose your flight and your seat in the seat selection map. 
  • Make the payment (if eligible) and complete the process.

Get to the airport help desk

The second mode you can consider to choose a seat on Virgin Australia is by approaching the concerned airport, where you can request the live person who will complete the process on your behalf. However, you have to ensure you are carrying all the necessary documents so you can showcase them to the agent when asked.

What if you do not select a seat on Virgin Australia?

There are cases when passengers forget to choose their seats, and then they wonder what will happen now. So, generally, the airline assigns you a seat at no additional cost. However, for preferred seats, you may incur a separate fee from the airline.

How do you connect with an assistance team in case of a need?

In case you are unable to follow the process of Virgin Australia seat selection or its rules, you can simply dial phone number 1 (855) 253-8021 or +1-802-341-3409. And after that, you can pose all your desired queries to the executive. 

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