Emirates Airlines Pet Policy

Booking Emirates Airlines Pet Travel Policy

A detailed guide about Emirates Airlines pet policy

Emirates Airlines allows its passengers to travel with their pets regardless of the ticket type and itinerary. Emirates doesn't allow pets on board, and the pets must travel as checked baggage in the cargo. Emirates SkyCargo ensures that all the pets traveling in the cargo get the best treatment and travel stress-free. Before adding a pet on Emirates Airlines tickets, read Emirates Airlines pet policy and avoid last-minute confusion.

  • Pets must not travel on board with the guests and should travel as checked baggage only.
  • Only guide dogs for the blind and falcons traveling on the Dubai to Pakistan route can travel with the guests.
  • Passengers must obtain permission before traveling with their pets on Emirates Airlines.
  • Emirates Airlines charges a pet fee for traveling with a pet, and there is no fee for traveling with a service animal.
  • Emirates is not responsible for the death or injury of the pets unless caused due to negligence and responsibility of the airlines' staff.
  • Every passenger can travel with two pets but must fit in one container.
  • The pets must be four months and older to travel in the container; each can weigh up to 14 kgs.
  • If a passenger travels to Dubai, the pet must be charged the same amount as a cargo.

What are the charges to travel with a pet on Emirates Airlines?

The charge for the pet tickets depends on the size and weight of the pet. Passengers must check Emirates Airlines pet policy and ticket price below and make their plans accordingly.

  • If the weight of the pet carriage (with the pet) is under 23 kg and the linear dimension is within 59 inches, 500 USD will be charged.
  • If the weight of the pet carriage (with the pet) is between 24-32 kg and the dimension is between 59 - 118 inches, 650 USD will be applied as the pet ticket fee.
  • If the weight of the pet carriage with the pet in it is over 32 kg and the dimension is between 59-118 inches, an 800 USD pet fee will be charged.
  • If the linear dimension of the carriage is more than 118 inches, a standard cargo fee will be applied.
  • If the total duration of the journey is more than 17 hours, then standard cargo charges will be applied to buy a pet ticket.

How to book a pet ticket on Emirates Airlines?

If you want to book a pet ticket on Emirates Airlines and you are aware of Emirates Airlines pet policy then you must follow the steps as mentioned below.

  • Head to open Emirates Airlines' official website.
  • Go to the Help page and search for pet booking.
  • You will be directed to the Emirates pet page.
  • Then, fill out the pet travel form.
  • The airline's executives will review the form.
  • And they revert regarding the booking process.
  • Once all things and policies get cleared.
  • Pay the pet ticket fee.
  • And you can travel with your pet.


Emirates Airlines understand that passengers need to travel with their pet. They haven't restricted the number of pets a passenger can travel with; instead, countries restrict the number of pets a passenger can travel with. Just go through Emirates Airlines pet policy to book a pet ticket.

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