Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy

Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy

If you have canceled your Etihad Airways flight due to any unavoidable reasons,Dial now you are confused about whether you will be getting the refund or not, then refer to the Etihad Airways refund policy mentioned below in this article. The refund policy of Etihad Airways states that passengers can cancel their flight and get the full refund within 24 hours of booking, and for further details, you can read the below-highlighted points.

The refund policy of Etihad Airways

  • As per the 24 hours free cancellation policy of Etihad Airways,Dial 1 (877) 690-0767 or 1-802-341-3409 passengers can cancel their flight within the grace period of 24 hours of booking the flight ticket.
  • However, if you fail to cancel the flight within 24 hours of making a purchase, you have to pay a cancellation fee or penalty imposed on the reservation.
  • The cancellation fee of your flight depends on the time left in departure, route, and the ticket condition of your Etihad Airways flight ticket.
  • The refund is initiated back in the original payment mode within 14 to 20 days.
  • Passengers can request a refund from the official Etihad Airways website or reach out to the customer care person and ask them for the refund of their canceled flight.
  • There is no refund provided to the passengers holding a non-refundable ticket. In such cases, passengers can get the travel credits that are redeemable on the next booking.
  • Suppose a passenger cannot board the flight due to emergency issues like the death of an immediate person. In that case, they can claim the full refund of their canceled flight by showing supportive documents such as a death certificate

This was all the information that will help you get a refund from Etihad Airways Make sure you are well informed about the Etihad Airways cancellation policy before proceeding with the cancellation of your ticket. Passengers can contact the customer support team of Etihad Airways through the official website for more help.

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