Eva Airlines Cancellation Policy

What is the Eva air Cancellation Fee ?

Get complete details about the EVA Airlines Cancellation rules

EVA Airlines, commonly known as "EVA Air," offers various quality flight services on many well-known destinations. Booking and then canceling EVA tickets can be annoying for travelers. However, they can overcome their annoyed issues only when they have some information about the EVA Airlines cancellation policy prior to any ticket denial. This guide will help them with the EVA ticket cancellation fees, rules, and relevant procedures through which travelers can cancel their flights. Besides, EVA has a flexible cancellation facility, which benefits travelers who do not want to continue its services.

What are the terms and conditions related to EVA Airlines?

Certain situations occur when the plan changes completely, and passengers look for ticket refusal. However, every EVA Airlines cancellation policy will guide them when they want feasible ticket denial. Also, complete EVA ticket cancellation terms and conditions are discussed in the following steps.

  • EVA Air allows free ticket cancellation to passengers who have denied its services within 24 hours of purchase and whose tickets are more than seven days old.
  • Passengers can use either EVA's official website or customer support for ticket refusal if their earlier ticket purchased is from the same source.
  • After 24 hours, if the EVA tickets are canceled, passengers will levied with some cancellation fees.
  • The EVA cancellation fee variations depend on class, routes, and other fare differences.
  • Passengers will get free EVA ticket cancellation under emergencies, including severe medical illness or someone dying in their close family.
  • Similarly, if their tickets are canceled due to a controllable cause, EVA Air will provide them with a free cancellation facility.
  • Except for group tickets or partial cancellations, passengers can normally cancel their EVA tickets up to one hour before the original departure.

How do I cancel my online EVA Air tickets?

Online ticket cancellation should be done perfectly to avoid any issues. Once travelers focus on EVA Airlines cancellation policy, they can find feasible ticket denial procedures. Though, the online steps for the EVA ticket cancellation are described below.

  • Travelers can use the EVA Air website: https://www.evaair.com/en-us/index.html.
  • They can choose to cancel the booking from the View My Booking tab.
  • To access the EVA ticket details, they should enter their name, first, last name, and 6-digit booking confirmation code.
  • After the ticket details are open, they must click the cancellation button.
  • Passengers will have free or some cancellation fees during ticket refusal, depending on the situation..

How do I deny my EVA Air flights using the Phone?

Passengers also have ticket cancellation options by phone, but they need to call the live agents before the trip. However, initially, passengers should contact EVA Air customer support at +1 (800) 695-1188 and ask them to cancel their tickets. As per the EVA Airlines cancellation policy, they should share their first and last name and booking reference details with the agents. Over the phone, the live representatives will help passengers with EVA ticket cancellations and inform them of any available charges.

Hopefully, practical terms and conditions will allow passengers to easily cancel their EVA Air tickets and learn the correct ways to avoid cancellation fees.


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