Frontier Airline Name Correction Policy

How Do I Change My Name on Frontier Airlines?

Are you looking forward to modifying your name at Frontier? The name on your ticket must match your passport, or else you might be denied boarding. This article will educate you about how you can change names with Frontier Airlines in various ways and the Frontier Airline Name Correction Policy. You can take a look to avoid any hassle and inconvenience. Let's start with the correction policy:

Frontier Airlines Name Correction Policy- Highlights

Here are some important guidelines that you should follow when changing your name or others with Frontier Airlines:

  • The Frontier Airlines policy suggests you can modify your name for free within 24 hours of booking. Besides, if you miss the period, a certain charge might apply. 
  • The name correction should be done at least 24 hours before departure. 
  • According to Frontier Airlines Name Correction Policy, you can make corrections of up to three characters in your name; changing the whole name is not possible. 
  • The airline allows you to change due to marriage or divorce; however, legal documents should be submitted. 
  • You cannot transfer your ticket to someone else in case of an error.

Frontier Airlines Name Correction Process

Now, you have gone through the Frontier Airline Name Correction Policy highlights. Let's check out how to request the name change with Frontier Airlines.

Change the name via the website:

It is one of the most convenient options to change your name on Frontier Airlines. To change the name online, visit the official website of Frontier Airlines and follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Manage your Trip section under 'My Trip.' 
  • Enter the last name and confirmation code, search for your booking 
  • Select the itinerary and passenger name you want to change, and proceed with the name change process 
  • Follow the on-screen procedure, and you can modify your name 
  • You might also need to attach a photo ID and then proceed with the payment 
  • Once done, you will receive an updated confirmation email soon.

Change the name via phone:

You can speak to the Frontier Airlines representative by directly calling them. If you don't find an online method feasible, use the phone call option. Dial Frontier Airlines' toll-free number, 1-800-921-8101 or +1-802-341-3409, and follow the phone call process. You can talk to the Frontier Airlines representative, and they will make the modification in your name on your behalf.

Change name at the Airport:

In addition to the options above, you can also visit the airport ticket counter to make modifications to your name. Request the Frontier Airlines representative at the Airport that you want to modify your name, and if applicable, the executive will do the modification on your behalf. While changing the ticket at the Airport, you might need to pay additional administrative charges.

Conclusion: By reading the information in the article, you can change your name with Avianca anytime. However, go through the Frontier Airline Name Correction Policy to ensure things are clear. For more details or if you have any further doubts, you can speak to Frontier Airlines directly or visit the website.


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