Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy

Can I Change my Flight Date on Frontier Airlines?

Avail help with making changes to Frontier Airlines tickets. 

Frontier Airlines ensures that all the tickets bought through them have flexible purchase options. Even so, there can be situations when you need to make changes in the purchase made with regard to the situations that arise. Under such scenarios, there would be a need to make ticket changes with regard to the policies formulated by the airline. Read through the content provided to get an extensive idea about the different policies and the associated process to initiate the changes in the Frontier Airlines ticket.

Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy

With regard to making changes to the booking you have with Frontier Airlines, you must read through the Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy and then learn of the guidelines that shall help you get the changes done. The guidelines are as follows:

  • For the booking with Frontier Airlines, if it has been done before seven days or more, you can get the changes done within 24 hours of the booking without a penalty. This rule is applicable to all tickets, irrespective of the fare type. 
  • If the booking is done with a business or elite class booking, then you can make the changes to the same without paying a penalty. 
  • For any basic fare booking, if there are changes to be made, you will have to pay the change fee for the same, which can range from 0 to $100, and the fare shall differ from one ticket to another, depending on various factors. 
  • Due to a medical emergency or bad health, if you look to make the changes, this shall not charge you a penalty. You will have to give proper documents as medical proof. 
  • Changes to the flight due to flight delay or cancelation under controllable situations can be made without penalty.

Frontier Airlines Flight Change Process

After being well-informed about the Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy, you can make the changes you seek by reading through the steps of the online process below:

  • Visit Frontier Airlines’ official website, 
  • Go to the manage booking option and salvage the reservation using the passenger’s last name and the booking reference number. 
  • Then, from the option list, choose the change option. 
  • Get forwarded and then make the changes as per the online instructions which you receive through the process. 
  • If required, get the payment done and complete the process required.

Other than the online process, you can also make the changes you are looking for by calling the customer service team and getting done with the process. The Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy must be well-informed about you about the rules. Thus, go through the given steps through which you can complete the process:

  • Dial 1 801 401 9000 or +1-802-341-3409 and choose a preferred language. 
  • You will get an IVR, choose one from them, and connect with an executive. 
  • Explain the requirement well to the executive and complete the changes you seek.

Conclusion- If you are looking for any other help from Frontier Airlines with making any changes, you can either surf through the website for help or contact them and get the needed assistance.

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