Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy

How much is it to change a flight on Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian is a prominent commercial airline serving more than 30 destinations in the world. It does not only have high-class services for its passengers but also offers flexible policies for flight reservations and changes. In certain situations, a person may be required to change the flight schedules for some reason, and that time can be stressful for some. Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy can guide you with the requirements so you can stress-free get a booking as per the new schedule.

The policies applicable for the flight change at Hawaiian Airlines are as follows:

  • A person could make changes in the boarding date and time of the reserved flight, and the destinations cannot be changed or swapped. 
  • The flexible air tickets are allowed for the required changes once for free of the waiver fee.
  • In case the fare of the new ticket is more than the original ticket, the fare difference would be applied at the time of flight change. 
  • The Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy is applicable on the tickets that have been purchased directly from the airlines without the involvement of a third-party agent.

Methods for Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change

You may seek the flight change methods for your convenience and to get a reserved seat as per your new schedule. There are a few methods that can be applied to change your flight as per the suitability, and it is briefed here:

Change Flight on the website

Managing the flight ticket on the official site is the most convenient method and is favored by travelers, as it consists of a simple process, and one can make changes in the reservation at their pace. The process for changing the flight from the website is given below:

  • Initiate with visiting the Hawaiian Airlines website,
  • Select the “Manage Flights” window and click the “My Trips” box,
  • Now, on the forwarded page, you will have to put your reservation deets,
  • This way, your reserved itinerary will open on the page,
  • The next step is to select the “Change Flight” key,
  • In the popped-up table, you must choose what changes you need,
  • Then add your requirements on the page to find the best available flight,
  • As the result page opens, you can proceed by selecting your preferred flight,
  • Complete the applicable payment with an online mode,
  • And then, your Hawaiian Airlines flight will be updated based on your new requirement.

Change Flight contacting customer service

The representatives at Hawaiian Airlines customer service are obligated to help you with the changes you want in your reserved flight. You can contact a representative by the official number and share your reservation code and name. The representative will assist you further with the requirement if the fare condition falls on the Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy. After that, you can specify what changes you are hoping for, and the suited flight will be navigated by the person on call. With your confirmation, the representative will complete the flight change process and share the new booking details on your email as you complete the payment.

Hence, with the help of the Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy, you can be aware of the necessary conditions and ask the airline to provide you with a new booking based on the new requirements.

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