Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy

What is Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy? Rules and Restrictions

If you have booked with Hawaiian Airlines but want to add your pet to the passenger cabin, you must check the Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy to understand all crucial terms and conditions. The list below provides all the essential information.

Pet in Passenger Cabin:

To know the detailed information or list of pet requirements in the Passenger Cabin, kindly view the Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy list, as it contains all the essential details on the terms and conditions.

  • Passengers can bring their pets only on domestic flights within Hawaii and some exceptional flights for the US mainland, such as JFK, BOS, and AUS.
  • The airline allows only dogs and cats in the passenger cabin.
  • If you want to travel with the pet in the passenger cabin, they must be inside the approved carrier that should be at most 16 long*10 wide*9.5 high measurement.
  • You should ensure that the pet and carrier combined should be at most 25 lbs.
  • Pet carries and weight will be measured at the check-in point; it should be visually inspected to ensure the size and health conditions.
  • You should book your pet in the passenger cabin simultaneously when you book your flight ticket.
  • You must have a pet passport to bring them on the flight.

Pet as Checked Baggage:

You must know all the necessary travel requirements under Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy for the pet as checked baggage, which are explained in the list below.

  • It is permitted only for scheduled domestic flights.
  • Passengers can bring only dogs, cats, and household birds to travel as checked baggage.
  • You should ensure the pet has an approved carrier, which must be at most 36* 25* 28 high.
  • The carrier and weight must not exceed the limit of 70 lbs in total. If the weight limit exceeds 70 kg, you must contact HA Cargo for possible transport choices.
  • Your pet's weight and health will be measured at the check-in point at the Airport to board the scheduled flight departure.
  • Then, the pet will be loaded in the baggage compartment, and they cannot travel unaccompanied.
  • Passengers should make reservations for the pet while making the reservation for themselves.

For Service Animals:

The Airlines will allow you to bring the trained service pets according to the Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy, which have been trained to perform specific tasks or to assist their owner with the management team.

How can I add my pet to my flight booking?

For a person who wants to add a pet to new reservations, there are multiple ways to add the pet while booking the tickets online or contacting the reservation number 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure and at the Airport. Passengers must know the essential details to make the pet reservation on call.

  • Kindly call the Hawaiian Airlines reservation number 1800-367-5320/+1-802-341-3409 to speak to customer support.
  • You should wait a while and hear the IVR automation until the call gets linked.
  • Ask the agent to add the pet to scheduled tickets by providing them essential details like Booking information, pet weight, Kennel measurement, health certificate, and pet passport.
  • They will complete the process, and you will receive the confirmation in the email.



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