Hong Kong Airlines Baggage Policy

How strict is Hong Kong Airlines with carry-on?

Air travel consists of step-by-step processes such as searching for good airlines, making reservations, preparing documents, handling luggage, etc. If you planned everything right but suppose you packed excess luggage out of excitement, then you may find difficulty while boarding. This guide will give you information regarding Hong Kong Airlines Baggage Policy and different methods you can use to get help from Hong Kong Airlines.

Hong Kong Airlines Baggage Policy

To make traveling safer, you need to know about various policies related to the concerned Airline. Suppose you are flying with Hong Kong Airlines, but you need to figure out the baggage allowance of the Airline. In this case, this guide will help you out. Some of the important Hong Kong Airlines Baggage Policy are discussed below:

  • Hong Kong Airlines will charge 150 USD if the baggage dimension is between 62in/158cm and 80in/203cm. 
  • Hong Kong Airlines allows checked baggage of weight up to 32 Kg, and dimensions should be under 203cm/80in (Length+ Width+ Height). 
  •  For Business class, passengers can carry two pieces of cabin baggage items. One baggage must be up to 7 Kg, and the dimensions will be under 45 inches equivalent to 22" x 14" x 9" or 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. 
  • For Economy class, travelers are allowed to carry one cabin baggage item. The baggage must be up to 7 Kg, and the dimensions will be under 45 inches equivalent to 22" x 14" x 9" or 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. 
  • Hong Kong Airlines prohibits some of the items to carry in your baggage. These include harmful liquids, flammable substances, and other things.

Talk to a natural person at Hong Kong Airlines by using the phone number

To get assistance from a natural person from Hong Kong Airlines, dial the dedicated customer support phone number. By dialing the number, you can access various services Hong Kong Airlines offers, such as reservation, seat selection, or knowing baggage policy. Descriptive steps have been mentioned below:

  • Type phone number of Hong Kong Airlines +852 3916 3666 or +1-802-341-3409
  • Select your language among multiple languages. 
  • If you need assistance from an executive of Hong Kong Airlines, press @. 
  • The agent of Hong Kong Airlines will hear your problem. 
  • Provide your PNR number to get the solution. 
  • Hong Kong Airlines' agent will connect with you soon.

Compose an email to get in touch with Hong Kong Airlines

Writing an email can also connect you with one of the knowledgeable agents of Hong Kong Airlines. You can use the phone number to seek airline help to know about  Hong Kong Airlines Baggage Policy or write an email. Mention all the travel-related details while composing the email. Send your problem to call.center@hkairlines.com. Hong Kong's representative will consider your situation and solve it accordingly.


In conclusion, if you want to experience a hassle-free journey, you must know about Hong Kong Airlines' baggage policy. Some of the major guidelines regarding Hong Kong Airlines Baggage Policy have been described in the above lines. For more assistance, you can contact Hong Kong's representatives by phone or another method. 

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