Hong Kong Airlines Name Change Policy

Can I Change my Flight Ticket Name at Hong Kong Airlines?

According to Hong Kong Airlines guidelines, it is essential to match the passenger's name with a government-approved ID proof. In case a passenger's name has been put incorrectly on their ticket or does not match the travel documents, the boarding can be denied at the airport, and no refund will be offered. In order to avoid this case, you can change the name on your Hong Airlines flight ticket as per your travel documents. Here, you can go through the information related to Hong Kong Airlines Name Change, such as the applicable policies and methods for your consideration.

Name Change Policies of Hong Kong Airlines

If you want to change the name on your ticket, the Hong Kong Airlines Name Change policies that you must be concerned about are as follows:

  • Individuals are allowed to correct the passenger name up to a few characters and are restricted to swapping names on the ticket. 
  • Charges should be paid by the person for changing the name on their ticket.
  • The name change is permitted till the boarding time of the flight.
  • In case a person has changed their name legally, they can request the airlines for the name change by submitting the legal documents. 
  • Hong Kong Airlines cannot help the ticket holders for the name change who had made the booking through a third-party travel agent.

Different Methods for Name Change at Hong Kong Airlines

Two methods are available for changing the name at Hong Kong Airlines, one is through the official site, and another is approaching an executive at the help desk. Both are outlined here for your reference:

Change the name on the site

The individuals who had made the booking directly from Hong Kong Airlines can view the details of the ticket on the official site and choose to change the name if required. The steps that you will have to follow are:

  • Open the homepage of the Hong Kong Airlines site,
  • Select the Manage Booking table,
  • Enter the Ticket Number, Last Name, and First and Middle Name,
  • Then click on the provided key of "Manage Booking"
  • Now you can select the particular ticket and choose the "Name Change,"
  • You will be prompted with the reason for the name change,
  • Then, put the correct name in the column,
  • Attach a file to verify the name with an ID proof,
  • You will next prompted on the payment page,
  • As you pay the fee, the name on your Hong Kong flight ticket will be updated.

Change your name by contacting the help center

The person who expects to attain an executive's help at Hong Kong Airlines in order to change the name of their reservation must contact the help center using the number +852-3916-3666 or +1-802-341-3409. As an executive connects, ask for Hong Kong Airlines Name Change, providing your ticket information. You will have to share a few things with the executive, and after verifying, the name will be changed on your ticket successfully.

Hence, if you are worried about an incorrect name on your flight ticket, the information mentioned in the context will guide you with the Hong Kong Airlines Name Change. Check the applicable policies and then reach out to the help center or follow the online method to correct the name on your ticket.

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