Hong Kong Airlines Pet Policy

Hong Kong Airlines Pet Policy

Hong Kong Airlines is currently operating scheduled departures to 30 regional cities. Moreover, the airline aims to provide its customers with various services and offers to make the passengers' travel affordable and more reliable. And if you wish to take your pet on the flight with you, you are required to read out the procedure mentioned to take a pet the Hong Kong Airlines, and then you are required to read the pet policy of the airlines. The airlines ensure to make your travel with your pet comfortable and hassle-free.

Hong Kong airlines pet policy-Fees and Tickets

You must know a few things if you wish to travel with your pet on the plane. 

  • The pets are only allowed to travel as manifested cargo or checked baggage.
  • Further, the service pets are the only ones allowed to enter the cabin.
  • There are some conditions that the airlines have listed a few conditions to qualify pets as checked baggage.
  • And the pet traveling in the container should meet the requirement of IATA Live Animal Regulations.
  • The passengers traveling with their pets must provide necessary documents to local government officials.
  • It is required to contact the customer reservation office at least seven days before departure if you wish to travel with a pet.
  • Reach out to the airline's service center for more information or if your pet doesn't qualify for traveling in the cabin or checked baggage.
  • While making the reservation, you need to provide the following information as well: a) Kind of pet, b) Total weight of the container and pet, c) Dimension of the Container, d) Material of the container, e) and other health information.

In case of any further assistance, visit the customer care service of the Hong Kong airlines to get the required assistance and for any other related query related to your ticket reservation, cancellation, refund, and more.

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