How do I call Air Serbia from the US?

How Do I Contact Air Serbia 24 7?

Traveling internationally often requires contacting airlines for various purposes, from booking flights to seeking assistance and information. If you're planning to fly with Air Serbia and you're in the United States, you may wonder how to contact them effectively. This guide outlines the steps to call a US number and access desired services.

Methods to connect with Air Serbia

  • Air Serbia US Contact Number: Like many international airlines, Air Serbia offers dedicated contact numbers for different regions. You should use the Air Serbia Phone Number to call the agent from the US. It's typically a toll-free or local number, ensuring cost-effective communication. Have your booking details and questions ready when calling.

The steps you need to follow on call are:

  • Dial the customer service number +1-(718)-7258642 or +1-802-341-3409, and once you get connected, you have to follow the on-call menu. 
  • On the call menu, you must select the option that closely resembles your issue. 
  • To connect with a customer service representative during a call, press the '#' key.
  • After completion, a brief hold will follow before a customer service agent connects to assist you.

International Dialing Code: To make an international call from the US, you must dial the international dialing code "011." This code allows you to call Air Serbia Phone Number outside the US. It's followed by the country code, which for Serbia is "381," and then the local Air Serbia contact number.

Time Zone Considerations: Serbia is in the Central European Time (CET) zone. When calling Air Serbia, remember the time difference between the US and Serbia. Serbia is usually 6-9 hours ahead of the US, depending on your location within the US and the time of year due to daylight saving time changes.

  • Online Contact and Support: Air Serbia offers online assistance via its website in addition to phone support. You can access various services, such as booking and managing flights, checking flight status, and reviewing baggage policies. They often have a live chat option that connects you with a customer service representative for real-time assistance. The chat method will also help you save the hold time you might have to spend on the Air Serbia Phone Number before you get the assistance.
  • Social Media Contact: It is worth noting that several airlines, such as Air Serbia, have an active presence and involvement on various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can contact them through their official social media accounts if you have any inquiries, require assistance, or need general information. They are responsive on social media and can help with various travel-related matters.
  • Email Contact: Air Serbia typically provides an email address for passenger support. You can email them detailed queries or requests, and they will respond within a reasonable timeframe. Include your booking details when emailing for a more efficient response.

In conclusion, calling Air Serbia from the US is straightforward, thanks to the airline's various contact options. You can use their US Air Serbia Phone Number with the international dialing code, visit their website for online support, reach out on social media, email, or even visit a local office. Having your booking details and questions ready when contacting Air Serbia will ensure a more efficient and smooth interaction.

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