How do i cancel Avianca Flight Ticket?

Avianca Airlines Cancellation Policy

Avianca Airlines is a passenger-friendly airline that offers passengers the best of amenities, meal options, and entertainment choices once they make a reservation with the airline for both long and short-haul flights. In addition, the passenger gets the best treatment from the airline, even from the staff and crew members who are working with the airline.

Suppose the passenger is faced with a dire situation to cancel their ticket due to unavoidable circumstances. In that case, they can read the details provided here to initiate the cancellation process with the airline.

Information about the Avianca Airlines cancellation policy:

The passenger needs to follow through with the Avianca Cancellation Policy that has been formulated by the airline as part of the seamless travel experience that they offer. The pointers under the policies are given here as follows:

  • The airline has a 24-hour cancellation policy, according to which passenger is allowed to cancel booking made with the airline atleast 24 hours after booking with the airline. The passenger is entitled to a full refund in this scenario.
  • If the airline cancels or delays the flight without prior notice, the passenger requests cancellation of the ticket that has been purchased with no additional cancellation fee charged.
  • Death in the family or cases of a medical emergency are situations under which the passenger can cancel the flight they are traveling with. The passenger can initiate the cancellation process only once they have submitted the authorized documents as proof of the same.

Details on the Avianca Airlines Cancellation process:

The airline has given the passengers various modes to connect with them as and when the situation demands it. The details for the same are given here as follows, from which the passenger can choose the mode that best suits them:

Requesting cancellation with the airline on call:

The passenger can directly place a call with the airline to connect with an agent who would help them commence the process of cancellation. The number that needs to be dialed by the passenger to talk to a real person with Avianca Airlines is (+001) 800-284-2622 or +1-802-341-3409. Once connected, the passenger can ask for cancellation details and proceed with the same.

Connecting with Avianca Airlines through the official website for ticket cancellation:

Avianca Airlines has provided the passenger with the option to cancel through the online portal of the airline. The methodological approach that needs to be followed by the passenger to make the necessary changes is as follows:

  • Leaf through the official website of Avianca Airlines.
  • Scroll on the page to find the Your Booking icon and choose it. 
  • Navigate the various drop-down options and click the Manage Your Booking link.
  • Search to find the Change Flight icon and make the necessary selections to retrieve the booking made.
  • Find the Cancel My Flight icon and choose it.
  • Finalize the cancellation by making the payment fee, if any, and submit. 
  • The airline will share the details of the cancellation process initiated in the passenger's mail.

Cancel request at the Airport:

The passengers can make a requisite to the airline staff to cancel the reservation they have made at the airport ticket counter. They just need to provide the documentation and ID to initiate the process with the airline. 

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