How do I change my flight on Volaris Airlines

How Do I Change my Flight on Volaris Airlines

If you have booked with Volaris airlines and your travel plans change for some reason, do not worry. Volaris allows you to change the booking without hassle unless the travel conditions allow it. How do I change my flight on Volaris Airlines? It's pretty simple. You will learn the details in the article below, so go through it and stay updated.

How to change flights on Volaris Airlines

If you book the ticket directly from the Volaris website, contact center, or at the airport, you can change it by visiting the website online, talking to the contact center, or at the airport. However, if the booking is via a third party, you can speak to them to change it.

Change the booking online.

  • Get on the Volaris website and look for my trips section.
  • Under manage your trip, enter reservation code & last name, click on find my booking 
  • Choose the booking you wish to modify, click on edit reservation.
  • Make the required changes, and you can confirm it 
  • If applicable, pay for the fare difference and change fee on the payment page.
  • Follow the instructions, and you will be able to modify the booking successfully 
  • Once the booking is changed, you will soon receive a confirmation email from Volaris 

Change the booking over the phone.

  • Dial the Volaris change flight phone number
  • Select a service language and follow IVR to speak with the agent.
  • Share the flight change request, and you can confirm the booking details.
  • The agent will confirm you with available options, confirm your preferences.
  • Pay for the change fee, and the agents will make the required modification on your behalf.
  • Once the ticket is modified, you will receive a confirmation email soon.

Volaris Flight change policy

As per Volaris 24 hour flight change policy, you have one day or 24 hours from booking to modify the ticket for free if the departure is after seven days. Once the risk-free period passes, you might need to pay the change fee depending on your fare conditions.

The 24-hour policy applies to all ticket types, irrespective of their conditions.

Latam allows you to change booking online and offline, depending on the source of the medium you used to book the ticket. Besides, you can speak to the agent directly in case of third-party booking.

Conclusion: You can easily change your flight with Latam by going through the information above. However, if you have any doubts or need additional information, call on volaris airlines phone number and speak to the agent directly. 



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