How Do I Change my Flight with Copa Airlines?

How to Change a Flight in Copa Airlines?

If you have made a booking with Copa Airlines and suddenly you realise that there is an error in the name or date is incorrect, you can change the ticket anytime. Copa Airlines provides a flexible flight change policy, allowing you to change the ticket online and offline without hassle.

In the article, you will learn about Copa Airlines Flight Change procedure, policy, and fee; look for the details.

How to change Copa Airlines flight tickets?

To change your flight ticket with Copa, you can use the same source through which your booking is made. Here discussed all the options;

Change the ticket online:

  • Get on the official Copa Airlines website online 
  • Login to your Copa Airlines account to access bookings 
  • Else, go to the manage booking option to retrieve the bookings 
  • Select the ticket you want to change and click ‘Edit Reservation.’ 
  • Based on your new itinerary, make all the modifications you want
  • Save the changes, and you can pay for the change fee or fare difference if it applies
  • Follow the prompt, and once changes are done, you will get a confirmation email soon.

Change the ticket over the phone:

Alternatively, You can speak to the Copa Airlines agent and ask them to make the changes on your behalf. Provide your booking details to the Copa agent, and they will check the availability for new dates. Based on that, the agents will change your flight booking and send you a confirmation email soon. Remember, for Copa Airlines Flight Change over the phone, you might need to pay additional administrative charges.

Copa Airlines Flight change policy- Highlights

The Copa Airlines flight changes policy suggests in case you want to modify the booking; you can get it done based on your fare conditions.

Per the Copa Airlines Flight Change policy, you get 24 hours after booking to modify your ticket for free unless the departure date is seven days later or more. If you miss the period, you will have to pay the change fee based on the change type, time, route, etc.

The Copa Airlines flight change policy applies to the bookings you made via the website, call center, or airport, not to third party bookings.

Only minor correction of up to three characters is allowed in case of name changes. You cannot change the name completely, in that case, new bookings are to be made as per the correct name.

In case of marriage and divorce, if the name changes, you will have to submit legal documents to verify the status.

Copa Airlines flight change fee

No changes apply unless you change the flight ticket within the risk-free period. Besides the change fee based on fare conditions, the time of changes applies in case you modify the ticket after the risk-free period.

Conclusion: The Copa Airlines flexible flight change policy allows you to make modifications without any hassle unless the fare condition allows it. Besides, you can change the booking online via the Copa Airlines website and offline over the phone at the airport. Moreover, read the Copa Airlines Flight Change policy thoroughly to avoid hassle and inconvenience. For more details, speak to Copa Airlines directly or visit the flight change condition page on the website. 

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