How Do I Change my Name on my Saudia Airlines Ticket?

Saudia Airlines Name Change Policy

As per the Airline's rule, your name, which is situated on the Airline's flight ticket, should match the name that is listed on your government documents. If, by any chance, you have entered your name incorrectly during the process of the flight reservation or want to add something to it, then you can proceed with the Saudia Airlines name change procedure, which is done through the Airline's official website else you can also call the Airlines customer support, to know the method, bring your focus on the below-cited information.

Method 1.

Change your name through the Saudia Airline website.

To make the changes to your name, you can head to the official website of Saudia Airlines, where you can select the name change process from the manage booking page by entering the correct information. This is the most convenient way to proceed. To get updated with the procedure, seek the information from the below points.

  • Head to the Saudia Airlines official website from any browser.
  • Enter your surname and the reservation code on the manage booking page 
  • You will locate the name-changing option; tap on it to proceed.
  • Enter the details regarding the correction you want to make to your name.
  • Submit the changes, and after that, pay the charges to the Airline, 
  • After the agent makes the changes, you will receive an updated flight ticket.

Method 2.

Make a call to the Saudia Airlines live person.

Suppose you are finding it hard to make the changes to your name through the Airline's official website. In that case, you can proceed with another mode where you can call the Airline customer support by dialing the helpline number and ask the representative to make certain changes to your name as necessary. To know more, read the below-cited information.

  • Proceed by dialing the Saudia Airlines customer care number and make a call.
  • Pick your chosen language to seek assistance from the live person.
  • From the narrated IVR choices, press the name change option.
  • The live person from the Airlne will connect with you on the call.
  • Provide your flight details and the changes you want to make to your name.
  • After paying the name change fee, you will get the updated flight ticket.

Saudia Airlines Name Change policy.

Before proceeding with the name change method, go through the Saudia Airlines name change policy and gather the information regarding the Airline name change policy from the points that are situated below.

  • To change your name from the Saudia Airlines flight ticket, proceed with the process within 24 hours of the flight booking time to avoid paying the charges.
  • When the changes have been made after the prescribed time, you have to pay the penalty charges to the Airline.
  • To change your marriage status from the flight ticket, you can make it free by providing valid documents to the Airline.
  • You can only make changes in up to 2 to 3 characters to your name.
  • Adding the middle name to your name is free of cost.
  • You are not allowed to change your name completely from your Sauida flight ticket.
  • If you want to make the changes to your initials, then the Airline will not change you with the name change fee.

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