How do I change my name Royal Jordanian ticket?

Royal Jordanian Name Change Policy

Do you want to change your name on the airline ticket? You can change your name on the flight ticket using these methods-online, offline or at the airport. Before changing the name, please read the Royal Jordanian name change policy and change your name easily. Here are the methods to change the name on the flight ticket-

Use Manage Booking Option-

You want to change your name on the flight ticket. You are searching most simply. You can use the manage booking option to get the details with the representative. Here are the details to change the name on the flight ticket-

  • Open the web page of Royal Jordanian Airlines. 
  • Locate your cursor and click on the manage booking option. 
  • Enter your reservation and passenger details. Click on the log-in option. 
  • Go to the change option and select the name option. 
  • Edit your name and click on the continue option. 
  • To edit other information, change your name and click the continue option. 
  • You must pay the charges if there is any fare difference. 
  • Get the details with the representative on your officials quickly.

Connect with the Customer Support-

A traveler wants to change the name on their flight ticket. They can opt for the customer service option. Before changing the name on the flight ticket, please read the royal jordanian name change policy carefully; they will also know about the charges. To connect with the airline representative, they can follow the given details quickly-

  • Call the airline on this official phone number-
  • Pay attention to the on-call instructions carefully. 
  • Get connected with the airline representative. 
  • Ask the representative to change the name on the flight ticket. 
  • The representative will change your name on your flight ticket and provide you with the confirmation on your registered credentials rapidly.

Visit the Airport-

You want to change your name on the flight ticket. You can visit the airport and go to the help center. At the help center, you can ask the representative to change your flight and provide you with the confirmation on your officials quickly.

Royal Jordanian Name Change Policy

Airline name change policies vary widely and often have strict security and fraud prevention rules. You should contact the airline directly or visit their official website for the most accurate information on a specific airline's name change policy. Remember that fees might be associated with any changes, and policies can change over time, so it's important to check with the airline for the latest details. To acquire the details about the Royal Jordanian name change policy, please use the given details-

  • Minor Corrections: Airlines may allow minor corrections for misspellings or small errors in the name on the ticket, usually at no or minimal cost.
  • Major Name Changes: the airline usually do not allow changing the entire name on a ticket. This is because the name on the ticket must match the traveler's identification for security reasons.
  • Transferability: the airlines may allow you to transfer a ticket to another person, but this often involves a fee and specific conditions.
  • Special Cases: The airline might accommodate the change with proper documentation in certain situations, like a legal name change due to marriage or divorce.

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