How Do I Change My Spirit Airlines Flight

Spirit Airlines Flight Change

Flight chnage is a common situation and is encountered by numerous travelers even after booking flights. Spirit Airlines acknowledges the situation and enables travelers to change flights at their convenience.  In order to change flights on Spirit Airlines, it is very important that travelers are well aware of the Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy and obey them too. If you also wish to make changes to your bookings, more precisely, wish to change your flight, then you must refer to the following section to get proper information about the flight change policies and procedures. Ticket holders can change their flights up to one hour before Spirit Airlines flight departure.

Spirit Airlines flight chnage policies:

Though flight changes are permissible by Spirit Airlines, changes can only be made according to specific terms and conditions set by the airline. Travelers who wish to change their bookings must make sure that their changes are in accordance with Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy. Some important highlights of crucial policies can be obtained from the following:

  • Flight changes are only possible if there are availability of seats on the preferd flight. 
  • Travelers have the provision the change their flight within 24 hours for free, however all changes made after this time are liable for paying flight change fee. 
  • Travelers must pay the fare difference and additional charges to get their flights changed. 
  • Whenever Spirit Airlines flights are delayed for more than 3-4 hours, travelers have the option to chnage their bookings. 
  • In case travelers come across a sudden medical emergency, they can change their flight  by providing supporting medical documents.

Online flight change process for Spirit Airlines:

Travelers are always blessed with the online approach to make changes for Spirit Airlines. They are simply required to go through the below-mentioned straightforward steps to change their flights.

  • Visit the official Spirit Airlines website. 

  • Click on my trips option. 
  • You must now enter your 
  • As you come across your ticket, click on flight chnage.
  • Check the preferred flight option.
  • Pay the fare difference and Sprit flight change fee.
  • As your flight is confirmed, you will receive a flight chnage confirmation.

Get through Spirit Airlines customer services for flight changes:

Travelers also have the option to communicate with Spirit Airlines cusomer services to make their flight change requests. These customers simply needed to dial the official Spirit Airlines customer service contact number: 855-728-3555 and listen to the presented automated instructions. Callers can also select their preferd language. As they find their call being attended by a live representative, they must mention their booking code and other reservation information. The representative will find your ticket, and if changes are according to Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy, they will make the required changes quickly. Online payments can be made for flight changes.

Conclusion: Referring to the above-presented information, all your doubts regarding Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy must have vanished. You can use any of the approaches to change your flight, also you must note that if you have already reached the airport, you can still change your flight by heading to the Spirit Airlines airport counter.


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