How Do I Complain to LOT Polish Airlines

How to Talk to a Human at LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines is a Polish airline serving travelers of Poland, taking them out of Poland along with cities locally. If you have some complaint that you want to file related to the services of this airline, you must try to get to the support team. After you carry along, you can get an answer to your issue. How do i complain to LOT Polish Airlines? This is a must for you to know and the reason for that is whenever some issue arises, you know exactly where to reach out to the support team.

Filing complaint to support team

Complaint using call

Customer support plays a very crucial role when it comes to resolving a LOT of Polish service-related issues that their travelers are facing. That is why they are available on LOT Polish Airlines' phone number where you can complain to them regarding your issues. They are reachable 24 7, which means whenever your issue arises, it is solved at that particular moment. You have to tell to support team after calling LOT Polish Airline's Phone Number at 212-789-0970 or 1-802-341-3409. After that, you must explain your issues after it gets transferred to the support team.

Complaint using a complaint form

Travelers can use complaint forms related to the services resolutions that are easily given to you after you complete your complaint form. Follow these steps to file a complaint with the support team.

  • First, you must reach the website of LOT Polish.
  • After this, you have to click on contact us.
  • You have to click on the complaint form explaining your issues and file a submission for your complaint.
  • After you have completed filing a complaint, you have to wait for some period for your resolution.

You can find a resolution to your issues after using one of the explained ways to complain to LOT Polish customer support.

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