How Do I Contact ITA Airways?

How Do I Speak a Live Person at ITA Airways?

Suppose you have made a booking on an ITA Airways flight on which you may need some changes or need assistance for the same. Then you must reach a person at customer service to acquire the guidance. If you think, how do I contact ITA Airways? You can call customer service or join virtually with a live person to acquire guidance or deliver your questions to the officials.

How to make a Call at ITA Airways?

If you want to know the procedure of calling ITA Airways so that you can join a person on the call and take guidance regarding a booking or other related issue, you have to adhere to some instructions provided here.

Process to Call:

  • Dial ITA Airways Phone Number 1 (877) 793-1717 or 1-802-341-3409.
  • Select a language of your choice for the suitability,
  • Then a Menu will be processed on the call,
  • Press 1 for flight-related info.
  • Press 2 for service-related info.
  • Press 3 for policies-related info.
  • Press # for joining the call with an ITA Airways person.

How to join virtually with ITA Airways?

You need to use the live chat if you wish to join virtually with a person at ITA Airways who can give you guidance on your issues. You can ask questions through texts after connecting with a person, and for that, you have to follow a simple procedure.

Process of Live Chat:

  • Visit the site of ITA Airways on your device.
  • Choose the Support Tab and select the “Customer Centre” option.
  • On the page, you will get the live chat icon.
  • Tap the icon to connect virtually with a person.
  • Then type your queries and send them on the chat.
  • The person will share the answers with you that are required.

How to deliver questions to ITA Airways by email?

For the queries like flight info, schedule timings, updates, and related questions regarding flights or services, you can deliver an email to ITA Airways at

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