How Do I Get A Human at Southwest Airlines

How Do I Get A Human at Southwest Airlines

You can contact Southwest Airlines customer service 1-802-341-3409 anytime, whether it's about reservations, refunds, flight cancellations, or lost baggage. The support team at Southwest Airlines is very diligent and patient enough to resolve your issues 24/7.

In case you don't know, how Do I Get A Human at Southwest Airlines? There are multiple ways. Besides, you can also call them directly to fix your issue in real-time. In this article, you will learn about various ways to contact humans at Southwest airlines. So let's get started.

Step by Step process to contact Southwest Airlines over the phone

  • Dial the customer service phone number 1 (800) 435-9792 or 1-802-341-3409 of Southwest Airlines 
  • Then select the preferred service language and follow the IVR below 
  • Press 1 to ask about the rapid reward question
  • Press 2 to book a flight or pay for the existing one
  • Press 3 to modify the booking
  • Press 4 to get flight information
  • Press 5 for others 
  • Press 6 to repeat
  • You can press 2 to make a reservation and then proceed
  • Your call will be diverted to the reservation department, where you can opt to get a live agent 
  • Wait on the call, and soon, a live agent will answer you 
  • Once connected, you can share all your queries and questions 

As discussed above, the airline also provides various other modes of communication. To discover more about them, check out the further instructions below.

Alternate ways to contact Southwest Airlines customer service.

Chat support

  • To connect to the airline via chat, go to the support page of southwest airlines first.
  • You can then navigate and locate the chat icon, click on it 
  • A chat box will appear on the screen where you can type your message
  • You also have various links; select the most suitable one
  • Now follow the self-explanatory instruction, and you can get the answer
  • To connect with a live agent, you can type live agent 
  • Now answer a few questions, and soon the system will connect you to the live person 

Email support

  • To share email, you need to visit the customer support page again.
  • Click on the email link that says 'send us an email and proceed.
  • On the new page, you have to select the query you wish to share.
  • Whether it is a complaint, comment/question, or compliment.
  • Each topic is associated with a form; you need to fill that form.
  • Please provide all the information and once it is complete, click on submit button.
  • The support team will review your email, and once done; soon they will share a reply.

Write to Southwest Airlines

If you feel your complaints are not being appropriately responded to or you are not satisfied with the action taken, you can share a complaint letter with Southwest via mail anytime. You can use the official mailing address available on the support page.

Social Media handles

You can also connect the Southwest Airlines customer service via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The links are available on the support page. You can follow them to share direct messages or post with the airline.

So by reading the information above, you must have gotten the answer to the query, how Do I Get A Human at Southwest Airlines? If you are confused or need further information, share your opinion in the box below.

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