How do I get a refund from Royal Air Maroc

How Do I Get a Refund From Royal Air Maroc

Cancel your flight? Worried about a refund? Well, do not worry about a refund as you have booked your flight with Royal Air Maroc, and they provide the best facility to their passengers. If you have canceled your flight with Royal Air Maroc due to any personal reason, then you can make changes to your flight and easily get your refund. So, to know How do I get a refund from Royal Air Maroc and its policy? You can read further information. 

What is the procedure for getting a refund from Royal Air Maroc

Passengers who do not follow the refund procedure of Royal Air Maroc can read the steps that we are mentioning below. It will help you make a correct refund request. 

By your preferred search engine, visit the official website of Royal Air Maroc.

  • Then log in by adding your login ID and password.
  • Then go to the managed booking option and enter your reference ticket number and your last name.
  • You will find a modification option at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on that option and then select the cancel tab. 
  • Now you need to give the Royal Air Maroc a reason for cancellation. 
  • And apply for a refund form.
  • You need to fill in your necessary details and the medium on which you want your refund. 
  • You will get a message that your refund process has been accepted by the Airline.

What are the refund policies of Royal Air Maroc

It is important to go through the royal air maroc refund policy if you want to get a full refund from Royal Air Maroc.

  • If you decide to cancel your flight after the allotted time, then you will get your refund after the withdrawal of cancelation charges.
  • If the passengers cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking, then they will get their full refund from Royal Air Maroc.
  • Passengers who cancel their flight after check-in do not get any refund from the Airline.
  • If the flight is canceled by the Airline due to any emergency, then you will get a full refund and also the compensation flight if you want. 
  • For medical emergencies and death, the flight is changed by the passengers, then they do not need to pay any cancellation charges, but they have to submit the proper documents for that.

If you did not get your refund on time or something, then call the agent on royal air Maroc's phone number. They will help you with that. But for the refund, do the procedure correctly.



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