How Do I Manage My Flight Booking Japan Airlines?

Japan Airlines Manage Booking

Many times, after making flight reservations on Japan Airlines, there are many customers who discover that they either entered incorrect entries or they wish to make changes to their reservations due to a sudden change of travel plan. Japan Airlines enables such ticket holders to make modifications via the “Manage booking” option. The Japan Airlines manage booking is a simple and time-saving procedure that can be processed using a series of online steps. If you also wish to make some changes to your tickets after booking, then you can get the process information from the following section.

What can be done via the Japan Airlines Manage booking option?

There are a couple of changes or additional services that can be added via the Japan Airlines manage booking feature. If you are curious to know about the same, then you can make some or all of the following changes to your already existing Japan Airlines tickets:

  • Name changes can be made.
  • Desired seats can be selected.
  • Travel classes can be upgraded.
  • Special assistance can be requested.
  • Flights can be changed.
  • Additional luggage can be added.
  • Refunds can be requested.
  • Flight rescheduling can be done, etc.

The process to manage Japan Airlines flight bookings:

Customers who wish to add additional services or make the above-mentioned modifications to their tickets can follow the straightforward steps given below to manage their tickets:

  • Visit the official website of Japan Airlines.
  • Click on the "manage booking” option.
  • From the displayed options, tap on “manage flight bookings.”
  • If you are a JMP member, then login into your account or else enter the reservation code and other mandatory fields to discover booking details.
  • As you get your reservation, you must click on the edit key and make the desired changes.
  • Save on the changes made.
  • Finally, you will obtain a message regarding modifications made to your registered phone numbers.

What are the advantages of using Japan Airlines manage booking alternatives?

There are many perks of using the online approach to use japan airlines manage booking; if you are curious about the benefits, then some important ones are described-below:

  • Customers can save their time by making the changes to their tickets online.
  • The procedure is not at all complex and instead can be processed by following simple online steps.
  • Whenever any traveler has special travel requirements, he can use the online-process to add the required facilities. 
  • Additional-luggage can also be added via the “manage booking” option.
  • Ticket holders can process check-in via “manage booking,” which saves their time after reaching the airport.

Call Japan Airlines customer services and make the desired flight modifications:

Though “manage booking” is a great way to make amendments online yet, customers often search for an alternate way to process their requests. Apart from using the “Japan Airlines manage booking” facility, customers can also approach customer services and request them to add additional services or to make changes to their reservations. For this, they can simply dial the official phone number of the airlines: 1-800-525-3663 or +1-802-341-3409 and choose their corresponding language. After carefully listening and obeying the instructions given by an automated voice, they are supposed to handle booking information to the live representative and ask him to make changes. 

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