How Do I pick my seats on American Airlines?

American Airlines Seat Selection

American Airlines permits travelers to comfortably complete their trip on their preferred seat option. This air carrier enables customers to reserve seats according to their needs in advance by paying seat selection charges. There are a number of customers who have confusion regarding American Airlines seat selection policies and procedures, and they search for the exact information; these customers can refer to the details given below and clarify their seat selection confusion.

American Airlines Seat Selection Policies:

Customers who wish to pick preferred seat options on American Airlines are required to obey essential American Airlines seat selection policies. Important highlights regarding the same are given below:

  • Whenever customers fail to select their seats in advance, American Airlines will allot seats automatically.
  • Seats will only be allotted to travelers if there is availability. 
  • There are some cases in which travelers wish to reserve seats near the aircraft’s lavatory; if the reason is medical, then they must provide medical documents.
  • Emergency-exit seats are not allotted to every passenger by American Airlines. Especially if the ticket holder is pregnant or minor. To get this seat some eligibility set by the airline must be fulfilled.
  • To get preferred seats on American Airlines, customers are expedited to pay seat selection fees. However, this fee is exempted if customers make seat selection within the initial 24 hours.

The online process to select American Airlines seats:

American Airlines enables customers to reach their decided destination on their preferred seats. Customers are required to follow the steps given below to process American Airlines seat selection online:

  • Go to the website of American Airlines.
  • Click on the “Manage-trips” option.
  • Now, the passenger's last name and booking reference-code must be inserted to find your reservation.
  • When you get your ticket, click on “Pick-seats.”
  • See all the available seat options from the seat-map.
  • Pick your preferred-option.
  • If required, make a seat selection payment.

Get in contact with American Airlines customer services to make seat selection: 

Whenever the online seat selection procedure is not working, customers can get in contact with the customer care services of American Airlines to gather information regarding seat availability and to seek help in the American airlines seat selection process. For this, they must simply dial the phone number of the airline: 1 (800) 433-7300 or +1-802-341-3409 and when they come in contact with a live representative, they can curate available seat information and ask them to book seats according to their requirements.

Pick your American Airlines seat at the airport:

Customers also have the option to reach the airport and then make American Airlines seat selections. However, this alternative must be your last preference, as the probability of securing your preferred seat option is the least. Yet, if you select this medium, you can head to the reservation counter and ask the corresponding representative to reserve your favorite seat.

American Airlines seat selection fees:

The fees that must be paid to the airlines for seat selection vary from $20-$150. This price fluctuates according to your travel class. If any customer picks a seat within 24 hours, he can get seats for free. 

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