How Do I Reserve a Delta flight without Paying

How Do I Reserve a Delta flight without Paying

If you want to reserve a flight at Delta Airlines without paying, and you have no idea if is it possible to reserve a Delta flight without paying, then you can do it easily through the "Hold flight" feature of the airline, which lets you reserve a seat for 24 hours at the same price without paying any charges. However, if you do not pay the amount within the given time, your reservation will be canceled, and you will have to reserve the flight again at the current amount.

The process to reserve a flight with Delta Airlines

You can easily use the hold flight option through the website and phone to reserve your flight. To know more about the steps and the process, read the given information:

Through the website - You can easily book a ticket through the hold flight option from anywhere through Delta Airlines' official website. Following are the steps to reserve a flight:

  • Open the official webpage of the airline or the mobile app.
  • Choose the flight detention, the number of passengers, and the flight date.
  • Select the flight as per your choice from the availability.
  • Then you will head to the payment option; from there, you can select the pay later option.
  • After that, you must pay within 24 hours, or your reservation will be canceled.

Through Phone call - If the 24-hour hold is allowed, you can call on and tell the representative to reserve your flight. Here are the instructions which you can follow to hold your flight with Delta Airlines:

  • Call the airline on their contact number 1 802 341 3409 from your cell phone.
  • Select the IVR option as per your choice.
  1. Press 1 to make a reservation 
  2. Press 2 to cancel your flight
  3. Press 3 to know the status of your flight
  4. Press 4 for any baggage-related issues
  5. Press 0 to talk to a representative
  • You will get through a customer service representative.
  • Provide the details of your destination, and the representative will help you reserve your flight.
  • Tell the representative to hold the flight, and he will do the same and provide you with the necessary information.

Hopefully, now you must have known the process of how do I reserve a Delta flight without paying and the different ways through which you can book a flight with Delta Airlines. Contact the airline customer service if you still have any queries or need further assistance.



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