How Do I select my Seat on Air Tahiti?

How Do I pick seats on Air Tahiti?

While you are traveling through Air Tahiti, who does not want to get a seat of their choice? But sometimes, and for some reason, you get the seat you like, so if you are wondering, How Do I select my Seat on Air Tahiti? So you must know that there is a policy that Air Tahiti has for the seat selection process, and if you enlighten yourself about the same, you will have trouble-free seat selection.

The Seat Selection Policy of Air Tahiti?

  • Air Tahiti does not assign seats to its passengers during check-in.
  • The placement of the seats is free, so passengers can get on the flight and get the seat they like.
  • If you are selecting your seat online, you can do that only after purchasing your ticket.
  • You cannot upgrade your Tahiti flight ticket while going through the seat selection process.
  • You can choose your seat only in the class you have booked your tickets for.
  • The seat can be changed any time after check-in or while on the flight.
  • You can choose the auto-update option at the time of ticket purchasing, so your seat will be assigned to you if there is an availability later.

Can I ask about Air Tahiti Seat Selection on the phone?

When you have questions related to seat selection, you can ask them on the Air Tahiti Phone Number +689-40-86-42-42 or 1-802-341-3409 as it is the only method that will immediately connect you with the customer service of Air Tahiti. However, you can also select your seat by following the below procedure:

  • Visit the official website of Air Tahiti.
  • Click on Book and Manage from the top select Manage.
  • Add your ticket number and name and retrieve your booking.
  • Go to the Menu and click on the seat selection.
  • The map will be open with the seat selection map.
  • Select your seat from the ones that are available.



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