How do I speak to someone at LATAM Airlines

How Do I Speak to Someone at LATAM Airlines

LATAM has been operating for longer to be known as one of the most passenger-friendly airlines. With a fleet of around 140 aircraft, it flies across several cities in the world. You can contact their customer service if you face any issue with their services, such as booking, canceling, refund, or other on-board or in-flight queries. That is true that you can contact them. But the question that is the point of discussion is how do I speak to someone at LATAM Airlines and what are the modes to get them.

Different modes to communicate with someone at LATAM Airlines are as follows:

Through phone number:

You get the phone number of their representatives as you take the steps in the following section:

  • Search for the website of LATAM,
  • Go to the Help center.
  • Look for the Phone numbers by country category.
  • You will get the customer agent number, 1 (866) 435-9526 or 1-802-341-3409.
  • If you dial LATAM Airlines Phone Number, you will get an IVR system.
  • Press the key according to the IVR instructions to speak with the LATAM person.
  • Please listen to these instructions attentively as you need to get through the IVR successfully to speak with their representative.

Through social media:

Social media is vital for getting you into a quick conversation with the airline's representatives. Different social media platforms other than LATAM Airlines Contact Number are present for the customers to speak to the LATAM representatives effortlessly, which are as follows:


You can get them on WhatsApp in the following steps:

  • Search for the LATAM website on your search engine.
  • Look for Customer service via WhatsApp in the Help center.
  • Click on Start online customer service.
  • You can start the WhatsApp chat by submitting the query topic from the given options.
  • The agents will come to chat on WhatsApp within 10 minutes.

Facebook: Chat on this platform via Messenger with their representatives.

Twitter: Address them in your tweet and explain your query briefly.

Through Email:

You can email with the help of the email us link present on their website. Be specific and give a nicely written query so they can understand and give you the answer you require. To contact with LATAM Airlines Customer Service, you will get the email us link in the help center of their website.

Through chat:

Customers can get the reference from the following steps to chat with the LATAM representatives:

  • Navigate through the website of LATAM Airlines.
  • Click on the Help Center option.
  • Go to the Let's chat option.
  • The virtual agent will come to have a conversation for your support.
  • Chat in the chatbot with the virtual representative. As you ask them your query, you get the desired response.
  • If you type your query manually, be specific and brief to make the assistant understand it.
  • As your question is resolved, click on End to finish the chat with the agent.

LATAM will give you a professional response to all your questions whether you use any of the mediums to connect with them. You can get them for the conversation on LATAM Airlines Customer Service Number, email, and other chat mediums anytime you want to, as these services are available every second and every day of the week. 


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