How do I speak to someone at Vueling Airlines

How Do I Speak to Someone at Vueling Airlines

Suppose you had booked a flight with Vueling Airline, but when you reached the airport, you noticed that your flight was postponed for 3 hours, due to which your connecting flight was missed. In this situation, you must be really angry with the airline and want to demand compensation for the issue you faced. If you are thinking How do I speak to someone at Vueling Airlines then keep on studying the information that is given below-

In what situation the Vueling airline can provide assistance to the customers

  • In case of flight cancellation.
  • If you want to have a group booking.
  • To book a flight ticket.
  • To modify your flight itinerary.
  • To add extra baggage.
  • To change your flight date.

How do I talk to an agent at Vueling

You can use multiple online or offline modes to speak with an agent preset at the support desk, and some of the methods and explained below-

Through Phone-

The best option to speak with a live agent is by calling the customer support number, and you can find the support number on the official website contact us tab.

  • Start with dialing the Vueling support number on your official website.
  • Go through the IVR instructions and proceed.
  • Choose a suitable language to communicate.
  • Press 1 for the flight reservation process.
  • Press 2 to get through the live agent
  • Press 3 to request a refund.
  • After pressing the relevant key, wait for a bit as your call gets connected to the live agent. 
  • After connecting, explain your query and get the resolution.

Through Email-

The airline also provides email services which can be used to connect with the airline and get support. This method can take much more time to get a response from airline customer support. You can write to and describe your query in the mail body. Provide your contact details in the mail and get the revert within 10-15 working days. This option is best to provide positive or negative feedback to the airline.

Through Live Chat-

If you are a technophile and don't like speaking to the support on call, then you can use the live chat option that is present on the official website contact us tab. This method is present 24/7 for the passengers.

  • Go to the airline's official webpage at 
  • Scroll down below and find the contact us tab that is present on the official website home page.
  • After selecting the tab, you will be sent to the next page, where you have to choose the chat option to get connected through chat.
  • After this, a chat window will get appeared on the screen, and you have to select the prompts to proceed further.
  • Write your query in the chat box and get the right answer from the agent.

Through Social media- 

We all know the power of social media, and the same thing goes for airlines also. You will find almost all the airlines are present on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can connect with these pages through direct messages or tweets and get an instant response from the agent. You can get an instant response if you are facing a critical situation.


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