How long is hold time for American Airlines?

Why is American Airlines hold time so long?

While you are planning a vacation trip with your family and friends, some of them are always confused about their plans. In that case, even if you are unsure whether to book the flight ticket or not and what if the ticket prices go higher later? American Airlines have a solution to this situation that lets you hold your flight at the same rate for a particular time. It means you can reserve your flight at the current price without paying for it.

Moreover, if you doubt how long is hold time for American Airlines? It is 24 hours. After that, you can either cancel the booking or confirm it by paying the full amount. You can also extend your hold time by paying some additional charges. This article will discuss the hold flight option with American Airlines; you can walk through it to stay upgraded.

How to hold a Flight with American Airlines?

If you are unsure about your booking, American Airlines allows you to hold your flight ticket without paying for it. You can hold the booking for 24 hours if you book it seven days or more before the departure. Besides, if you don't know how to do it, follow the process here:

  • Hold your booking with American Airlines.
  • Get on the official website of American Airlines first.
  • Go to the flight booking page and choose your flight ticket.
  • You can follow the general booking procedure to book your ticket.
  • On the page "Review and Pay', click on the option 'Hold.' 
  • Once you decide to complete the booking, go to the confirmation email or 'My Trip' section.
  • You can purchase your booking with a crest card of the same country you used to hold the trip; else, the fare might change.

Following the procedure above, you can hold your booking with American Airlines anytime. If you don't pay for it within 24 hours, the bookings will get cancelled. If you need more time, you can also extend the hold time by paying additional charges. Here is the process you can follow to extend your booking:

Extend hold options with American Airlines?

  • After you select 'Hold' on the review and pay page.
  • Select the option 'Extend hold.' 
  • You will get on the payments page, and it will be processed immediately 
  • Hold chargers are non-refundable ice you pay for it 
  • Again you can look for the confirmation email or visit the 'My Trip' section.
  • You can select the ticket and, based on your choice, pay for it or cancel it.
  • If you want to purchase the ticket, you can do it by using the credit card of the same country used to hold the trip.
  • In case you don't do it, the fare might be changed.

Conclusion: By reading the information above, you can hold your booking with American Airlines anytime. Besides, hopefully, you got an answer for how long the hold time is. For more details or in case you have any doubt in this regard, you can call at American Airlines phone number +1-802-341-3409 and speak to the agent directly. Moreover, you can also visit the American Airlines hold booking page to check out the further terms and conditions related to the extended hold option. 


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