How many bags allowed on Austrian Airlines

How many bags allowed on Austrian Airlines

If any traveler has to shift from his current location to any other destination and has made a flight reservation on Austrian Airlines for his journey and post booking, He is wondering whether he will be able to carry all luggage along with him and how many bags are allowed on Austrian Airlines then he can use the information provided in the forthcoming section. Also, he must go through the airline baggage policies description of, which is given below:

Austrian Airlines baggage policies:

  • Passengers are not allowed to carry any sharp weapon or any harmful object.
  • Passengers can carry their battery-oriented mobility devices like wheelchairs without paying any charges to Austrian airlines.
  • The weight of your bags and their dimensions must not exceed the limit. Also, carry-on luggage must easily fit in the overhead bins of the aircraft or in the space below your seats.
  • It is advisable to carry your precious and fragile items in your carry-on bags as the airline is not responsible for their loss and damage.
  • Liquids can only be carried in your hand baggage, and the capacity must be under 100 ml.
  • Medicines and special foods like kid’s food are allowed on Austrian Airlines but must be carried in plastic bags.
  • Any additional bags or sports items can be carried by paying additional charges.

Baggage allowance on Austrian Airlines:

The following points must be considered by passengers about luggage before traveling via Austrian Airlines to their destination:

  • If you are traveling in economy or premium economy class, then you can carry only one handbag with you, while Business class travelers are eligible to carry 2 bags along with them.
  • The weight must not be more than 8 kg, and the maximum allowed dimension of bags is 55 x 40 x 23 cm.
  • You can also carry one handbag of dimensions 40 x 30 x 10 cm, which might be a laptop, hand purse, or any travel pouch.
  • If your child is under 2 years, then you can also take a carrycot.
  • For checked-in bags, one bag weighing 23 kg for economy and 32 for business class is permitted.

Conclusion: Travelers must stick to the airline policies and carry bags according to the set limit. If any passenger wishes to enquire about charges for additional bags, then he can dial the austrian airlines phone number to get in contact with customer care representatives who will generate relevant fare information according to the weight of their bags. 

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