How many bags are allowed in Air Europa

How many bags are allowed in Air Europa

If you are someone who wants to checkin for your scheduled flight of air Europa and you want to know how many bags are allowed in air Europa as there are chances that you are trying to avoid the cost that air Europa takes from those who are carrying excess either size is not as the same as that policy elaborated, or you are carrying luggage that is exceeding the weight, so you have to know policies as well as the cost of excess luggage that is taken from you if these policies are not followed properly.

What are the policies

There are multiple policies for the luggage that you have to know if you are someone who wants to carry luggage free of cost. Also, for those who want to know the size of carry-ons that you can take with you along with the luggage that is checked, some policies are.

  • If your luggage exceeds the weight limit of 32 kg, then you have to pack your luggage again and make sure that the additional luggage you are packing must not exceed the weight explained.
  • For economy short haul, you have one piece of luggage of 10 kg you can carry, and if talking of long haul flights, the limit is the same.
  • For business short-haul flights, one piece of 14 kg, and for the long haul, the weight is 18 kg.
  • And the size is 55x35x25 cm for all the flights, whether economy or business.
  • For the remaining ones, you can carry one extra personal item.

What is the allowance for carry-on

  • For lite fare, no free allowance is allowed.
  • For the economy class short and long haul, 23 kg is allowed free of cost.
  • For those traveling businesses, the weight limit is one piece of 32 kg for the short haul and two pieces of 32 kg for the long haul. 

What is the cost of allowance

For the second piece, 23 kg, $50 in advance and $60 at the airport, and for the third one cost is $100 and $150 in advance and at the airport, respectively.

This explains the policies and the allowance you can take with you and the cost you have to pay if you are carrying an excess one and the limits varies as per your class this means that there is more freedom for higher classes and if there are any issues then you can reach support on air Europa phone number and ask them your issues 




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