How many bags are allowed in Swoop airlines

How many Bags are Allowed in Swoop Airlines

Swoop Airlines' baggage policy is quite simple and easy to comprehend. If you have booked a flight with Swoop Airlines and are wondering How many bags are allowed on Swoop airlines, you must read the full article to know about the number of bags allowed on a Swoop flight and the baggage policy. The airline allows every passenger to carry a personal item like a small backpack, handbag, laptop bag, etc. You can carry one carry-on bag and a maximum of 4 checked bags on the flight. The baggage policy of the airline is mentioned below.

Swoop Airlines Baggage policy

Read the following Swoop Airlines policies regarding baggage. You must thoroughly go through the baggage policy before boarding a flight.

  • The airline allows every passenger to carry one personal item for free, and it should have a maximum dimension of 41*15*33 cm. The personal item can be anything from a briefcase to a handbag.
  • Passengers can carry one carry-on baggage which must fit into a carry-on baggage sizing device. The size limit for carry-on bags is 52*23*38 cm. A 10$ fee is added to all bag prices at check-in and 20$ if purchased at the airport. The best prices can be availed at the initial booking.
  • A maximum of 4 bags can be checked into a Swoop Airlines flight, provided they are within the weight and size limit. The maximum total dimension and size for checked bags are 157 cm and 23 kg. The fee for checked bags is also the same as that for carry-on bags.
  • The bags which exceed the total dimension limit of 57 cm and weight limit of 23 kg cannot be carried as checked baggage. If your bag measures 157-203 cm and weighs between 23-45 kg, it will be considered oversized baggage. You have to pay 105$-115$ for every oversized bag at the airport while checking your bags.
  • If you have an infant or child that can be held in your lap, you can take a child restraint system like a car seat for free. If you have a child or infant in a paid seat, you can also carry a child restraint system for free.
  • If you wish to bring your child’s stroller or playpen on the flight, you have to pay a baby equipment fee ranging from 22$ to 44$, depending on the time. For example, if you are checking your baby's equipment at the time of booking, you have to pay around 22$ to 24$. However, if you are doing the same at the airport gate, you have to pay 40$ to 44$.
  • You can bring your musical instruments as a carry-on bag if it is under a combined dimension of 113 cm. If it does not meet the carry-on size limit, it has to be checked and follow the respective weight limits.
  • If you need to carry any mobility device or wheelchair and associated batteries, you can do so under the checked baggage allowance for free.

You can get all the significant information regarding baggage by reading the above article. However, if you still have any unresolved queries, you can call Swoop Airlines Phone Number 1-802-341-3409. A customer service executive will get in itch with you and provide the required help and solutions.


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