How many bags are allowed on Brussels Airlines

How many bags are allowed on Brussels Airlines

To know How many bags are allowed on Brussels Airlines, you have to check your route and ticket type. For all the checked and carry-on baggage allowance for economy class passengers, Brussels Airlines has reasonable standards. On the other hand, business class passengers have some extra benefits on their tickets. The business class ticket holders can carry two bags of 32 kg, and for the economy calls people, there is only one piece bag which of 23 kg is allowed to be carried on board. Let's learn about the baggage policy thoroughly by reading the article in an explanatory manner.

How many bags can I check in with Brussels Airlines

  • For all the business class and executive passengers, there are two pieces of luggage weight 32 kg each onboard allowed by Brussels Airlines.
  • If you are a classic and basic cabin ticket holder, then you can carry only one piece of luggage, which should not exceed the limit of 23 kg each to carry on board with Brussels Airlines.
  • If you are traveling with infants, then Brussels Airlines allows you to carry a piece of luggage of 10kg. The limit should be exiled from that.
  • You have to pay the extra charges if your luggage limit exceeds the permitted allowance of Brussels airlines.

What is Brussel's baggage policy

  • According to the Brussels Airlines carry-on baggage policy, the limit for the economy class ticket holder is 150 cm or 45 inches in dimension, and it should not exceed the limit of 8 kg or 17 lbs in weight. 
  • According to the checked-in baggage policy of Brussels Airlines, the dimensions for the economy class ticket holder should not exceed 158 CM inches and 32 kg in terms of its weight.
  • If the baggage limit of the passenger exceeds the permitted limit, then they have to pay extra charges to the Airline.
  • Passengers have to pay a fee of USD 60 for the bags that do not qualify to be taken on board according to the Brussels airlines policy allowance.
  • There are Different baggage allowances as it totally depends on your route, flight cabin, and destination.
  • If the passenger carries any vicious goods on board, be alert, the Airline won't allow you to carry any dangerous items with you. There must be proper checking for that.

Hence, this is all the information regarding the baggage allowance and its policy. If you have any further questions, reach out to the Brussels Airlines customer support executive through Brussels Airlines Phone Number. They will clear all your doubts within a short span of time.

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