How many bags can I take on Viva Aerobus?

VivaAerobus Baggage Policy

Viva Aerobus is a reliable Mexico low-budget air carrier that offers convenient flight services to interested fliers during their trips. Many willing travelers want to know how many bags or baggage they can carry while using the Viva Aerobus air tickets. However, any passengers who use Standard Airways flight services must have the correct information about Viva Aerobus baggage policy in detail. Moreover, in this blog, travelers will be able to address the proper procedures and policies that are necessary while carrying any personal items in Viva Aerobus.

Various policies of baggage at Viva Aerobus:

Like every Standard air carrier, the specifically mentioned Airlines also offer the option of baggage allowance, which is based on some terms and conditions. Also, some of the essential Viva Aerobus baggage policy is highlighted below in the following points, which decide what particular item the Airlines carry.

  • Travelers can carry one personal item, irrespective of the fare type, at Viva Aerobus. Also, the personal items should fit under the front seat cabin.
  • Personal small items such as laptop bags, handbags, and backpacks should have dimensions of 18x14x8 inches, and they should exceed the mentioned correct sizes.
  • The maximum allowable carry-on bag size is 22x16x10 inches, and it should be stored in the overhead compartments.
  • The allowable carry-on bag weight in light traveling is 22 lb, and additional weight is permitted not more than 33lb at Viva Aerobus flights.
  • If the carry-on baggage weight is over the allowable weight, travelers must pay some additional charges. However, in case the carry-on luggage dimensions exceed the mentioned one, fliers will not be allowed to use the flight services.
  • The maximum allowable linear size and weight for checked baggage is 62 inches and 55 lb without any additional costs.
  • Fliers can increase the baggage weights or quantity just by paying some additional amounts as per the Airline's policies.
  • Small containers with a capacity of 3.4 oz or 100 mil are allowed to store liquid, gels, lotion, and pates easily.
  • Some medicines of size greater than 3.4 oz are allowed only after a certified doctor's approval.
  • Passengers are prohibited from carrying over 12 oz or 350 mL powdered, especially using Viva Aerobus flights in the USA.
  • Some musical instruments or sports equipment of less than 71 lb and 126 linear inches are allowed on the Viva Aerobus flight.

How to add baggage at Viva Aerobus?

It is one of the common questions that almost every flier wants to learn how easily they can add baggage at Viva Aerobus. Fliers can use the online process to add bags as per the Viva Aerobus baggage policy, and they should also focus on the following instructions carefully to avail of this facility.

  • Fliers can go to the Viva Aerobus standard website
  • Now, they should click on the baggage rule from the mentioned instructions.
  • Travelers can go to additional baggage options and open the provided link.
  • They should enter their reservation code and last name to add extra baggage.
  • Passengers should also make successful payments to add bags at Viva Aerobus for convenient trips.

Thus, all the details shared here regarding the baggage details are correct. For further clarification regarding Viva Aerobus baggage policy, travelers must visit its official page.

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